Evankhell's Hell (에반켈 지옥) is the second arc of the first volume of the Tower of God series.

Arc Summary

Baam has a flashback to when Rachel was teaching him in the cave, specifically about fighting. Baam comes around in a grassy field and listens to Lero-Ro announce the rules of the death-match. It takes him a while to comprehend what is required when Lero-Ro tells them to “reduce the number of Regulars from 400 to 200”. As soon as he understands what is required, he is forcefully introduced to the violence and brutality that exists in the Tower when he is attacked by a swordsman, who is in turn killed by an archer, who is then killed by a sniper. He runs away and encounters a member of the Da-an Tribe. Driven by the violence he is about to attack when he is stopped by Khun Aguero Agnis. Elsewhere, Hatsu and Anak have met and they immediately start fighting. Ship Leesoo comes by and is completely ignored.

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Meanwhile, Rak Wraithraiser tosses the sniper off the cliff and looks around for strong opponents only to find that everyone qualified. His attention is immediately caught by Anak, realizing that it is her weapon that is giving off the formidable presence. He realizes that it would be dangerous to fight her and his attention is instead drawn to a similar presence: Black March. Khun and Baam have run behind a large boulder and Khun is amused at Baam’s inability to lie.

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Suddenly, he notices Rak and makes various jokes about him. When it is established that he wants to fight Baam, they run away again. Khun is rendered speechless when he realizes that the weapon Baam holds is actually Black March. He decides to stick around, deeming Baam to be interesting. Suddenly, the first round is over and they receive new instructions from Lero-Ro and have to make two “buddies”. This poses a problem for Khun and Baam. Nevertheless, Khun tries to negotiate with Rak to no avail. Mercilessly, Khun makes the decision to kill Rak quickly, but Baam intervenes and drops the Black March. Rak is confounded and responds to this problem by attacking Baam. They run towards Rak and grab onto him as the time is up, qualifying them for the next round. Hatsu and Anak were fighting, but when they received new instructions they immediately made peace to the amazement of Leesoo. Unfortunately, they leave for a stronger teammate leaving Leesoo in the dust. It is unknown how Leesoo got the others to accept him.

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