I can't... Stop this... It's like a natural disaster.

Elpathion about Evankhell[3]

Evankhell (에반켈, Ebankel) is a High-Ranker and the former Ruler of the Second Floor. As an ancient who uses the fire element, she is referred to as 'The Infernal Evankhell'.[4]


Not much has been revealed concerning Evankhell, except that she killed the former Ruler who belonged to a Great Family and took ownership of the Second Floor.[2] As she doesn't belong to a Great Family, she is not part of the Ruling Class and it is unknown why she has agreed to the complex testing system on the Second Floor.

Appearance and Personality

All that is known about her is that she is very tall and is high in the rankings; she holds the 60th place in the rankings,[1][2] which is very influential, enough to scare Evan Edrok.

She is supposedly very strict, as Yu Han Sung was worried by the thought of Evankhell finding out about all of the trouble on the Second Floor. According to Hachuling,[5] she is said to have extremely high Shinsoo Resistance. According to Yu Han Sung, he has always seen Lero-Ro together with Evankhell.[6] She seems to act recklessly without thinking, like Yuri Zahard.


Yu Han SungYu Hansung and Evankhell first met in the middle of a skirmish. When Evankhell was on the verge of killing Hansung, she noted that he did not appear to be afraid. Curious about this due to the frightened appearance of her previous victims, Evankhell questioned what Hansung feared. Hansung responded that he, unlike other rankers, had no delusions of eternal life, so he instead feared the death of his passion for his goals. This answer appealed to Evankhell's ideology, and the two have since had long-standing companionship that leads them to work together on the 2nd Floor. 

Twenty-Fifth Baam Evankhell notices Baam during the Last Station fight. After seeing the damage that Baam, a D-Rank at the time, had made to one of the Squadron Commanders of Zahard's Army and that he is an Orb user, she decided to offer herself to pupil Baam, offering to make him strong enough to avenge his master. They have been travelling together for the past 2 years. 

Kallavan: On their first encounter, Evankhell immediately sees him as a dangerous threat and acknowledges Kallavan's strength. Evankhell also said he is tough when he tanked hers, Yuri's and Karaka's attack.

Ha Jinsung: Although whatever relationship they have remains unknown, Evankhell knew of Ha Jinsung and appeared to hold him in a high regard, as she approved of his views of Baam after seeing him wound Kallavan and openly stated she expected him to be right with his apprentice.

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Tower of God: Part 1

During the events of The Floor of Test, Evankhell had to depart from her floor due to work,[7] leaving all duties regarding testing the Regulars to her appointed Test Director, Yu Han Sung.

Tower of God: Part 2 - The Hell Train

Three Orders

Evankhell unexpectedly appeared on her floor, just before Yu Han Sung was about to be executed for his role in fabricating the apparent demise of Twenty-Fifth Baam several years ago. Intimidatingly telling Zahard's messenger to piss off or die, Evankhell's attention was directed to Kallavan's subordinates. Intrigued by their ability to withstand her attacks, Evankhell got ready to assault them using her ancient power when the Second Floor Guardian suddenly appeared and told her and Yu Han Sung that they were fired from their Second Floor positions before warping them away.

Tower of God: Part 2 - The Last Station

The Last Station

322 - 6
After Evankhell and Yu Hansung got teleported by the Second Floor Guardian, they notice they are at Karaka's Heart. After a while they encounter one of Karaka's minion, Death Bird, who was worried there may have been intruders coming in the special dimension holding Karaka's Heart. Death Bird was glad that Evankhell was Yu Hansung's companion, and then introduces itself as a shadow that is ordered to kill any intruders there. Evankhell and Yu Hansung are the first people to enter the magical space created by Karaka's Armor, which cuts off from the outside so no one can enter except Karaka and the administrators. Evankhell told Death Bird she was not interested in Karaka's Heart and she just wanted to know why they got sent there. She assumes maybe something happened to Karaka. Then a warp gate opens displaying Zahard's Army going to the Last Station, and Death Bird says it opens whenever Karaka's in danger. Evankhell now knows why the Second Floor Guardian sent them there and quickly moved along with Karaka's Minions.



After arriving at the Last Station she was immediately attacked by a half-moon blade weapon from a Ranker, but she effortlessly stopped the attack with just two fingers and then obliterates his weapon.

Since Kay's weapon broke, he reinforced his hands with shinsoo and proceeds to charge at Evankhell, but then she sent Kay flying with a flick of her wrist and burned Kay's servant saying they're not worthy to be on the same battlefield against her. Causing havoc in the last station, Elpathion and Sharon along with other rankers nearby, appeared before her, telling her to stop. That didn't convince Evankhell, so it led to a fight between Evankhell and the rankers of Zahard's Army. During the fight, Sharon managed to break Evankhell's weapon with Evankhell even complimenting Sharon that she can pack a punch. In the middle of the fight, Evankhell remembers a past where she first met Yu Han Sung, asking him what is he afraid of, and in response, he said he fears the rage within him fading away. Evankhell then releases a partial fraction of her ancient power, and easily melting/killing rankers and pushing back Elpathion and Sharon with Elpathion saying her power is unstoppable just like a natural disaster.


As Evankhell is burning the army, she says it is about time for the Dangerous One to step in. Elliot said he was trying to stay out of the battle but Evankhell was causing way too much disturbance and says he'll kill Evankhell if she caused any more trouble. The appearance of the 44th Ruler made all members of the army step away to let him handle Evankhell because Elpathion said he isn't the kind of person to care about friendly-fire anyways.


The 44th Floor Ruler appears to confront Evankhell

Evankhell lets her flame out and is ready to fight back saying it is not time for her to leave yet. The shockwaves from both Ruler's clash was so strong, it was difficult for even Elpathion to contain it from spreading. Then suddenly, Kallavan appeared out of nowhere and surprise everyone on the battlefield including Evankhell. When Kallavan appeared, Evankhell said they now have one more threat to deal with.

As Kallavan is about to charge at Baam, Evankhell quickly appeared in front of Kallavan with a burst of flame. Kallavan asked about her fight with the other Ruler and she said they weren't really fighting to kill each other. Kallavan was confused with Evankhell's intention of helping some random regulars as a Top 100 Ranker. Evankhell says she wasn't interested at the Regular at first until she notices a minor wound that was inflicted by Baam's strongest attack. Evankhell now understands why Yu Hansung has such high hope for Baam and imagines how much stronger he'll be after more training.

336 - 1

Evankhell is about to finish off the remaining members of the army.

Evankhell tells Kallavan to stop, but Kallavan insists to kill Baam. Evankhell acknowledges Kallavan for being strong but thinks he cannot handle herself, Ha Yuri Zahard and Karaka together. Kallavan decided to charge head-on, which shocked Evankhell and yelled if he was out of his mind. Evankhell praises Kallavan saying he really is tough and prepares her Death Sentence attack which was enough to cause Kallavan to scream in pain until he breaks free using Atomic Explosion. The explosion shocked everybody, but Baam was able to escape in time by teleport with the help of Yu Hansung, Ship Leesoo, and other rankers.

New Wave

Afterwards, Evankhell finishes off the remaining army and retreats to the Last Station. While she was going to the Last Station, she talked with Yu Hansung, and he said Evankhell seems to be 'Enthusiastic'. Evankhell said Baam got her interested and wants to train him as her student. Evankhell finally meets Baam, and she said he looks droopy like a jellyfish in warm shinsoo. She said Baam is different from the other irregulars who are monsters like Urek Mazino. Evankhell introduces herself to Baam and said she noticed Baam's usage of the orb. She tells Baam to be her student so he can become stronger and get revenge of Kallavan. In exchange, Baam will have to go through hell for a few years. After Baam made he decision, he asks Evankhell to be his master so he can hunt down Kallavan.

Tower of God: Part 3 - Deng Deng


Evankhell explaining the training to Baam

Right after the battle at the Last Station, Evankhell followed Karaka and White to Madoraco's ghost ship. During the meeting, Karaka did all the talking and Evankell sat around yawning. Evankhell goes back to Baam and begins to train him. She showed Baam a list of 'Battlefields' written around her Pocket, and says she ordered those battlefields of the level of difficulty. For each level Baam completes, Evankhell says she'll teach Baam something at that level. Evankhell restricts Baam's usage of Black March and his Thorn in order to train his basic skills. Evankhell wanted to confirm again if Baam is ready for the brutal training. Which Baam then agrees to do it, and their training begins.

Powers and Abilities

Evankhell is a very powerful High Ranker. She is not scared of members of Zahard's Army. The force of 2 High Rankers and 30 Rankers didn't intimidate her. She wanted to fight Kallavan, the Commander of 4th Army Corp, instead of his servants. It should also be noted that Evankhell could only use a partial release of her ancient power since using more might disturb and then involve the administrator of the floor but at the same time Kallavan was using his Essence of Bravery to the fullest (although being heavily injured from the fight with Jinsung Ha and the warp).[8]

Ancient Power Evankhell has ancient power in form of flames. It manifests as fiery Ganesha. She may be a descendant of Native One.[8][9]

Shinsoo Orb: Evankhell can use an Orb, which is a rare skill. Apparently she is the only High Ranker, who can use blazing orb.[4]

  • Evankhell's Rare Orb: Inferno (에반켈의 레어 오브 인페르노, Ebankel-ui Leeo Obeu Inpeleuno): Evankhell's shinsoo manipulation creates a massive Orb of fire. The heat that radiates from it can melt nearly anything within a large radius, including low level Rankers and even large warships.[4]
    • Inferno - Flaming Ecstasy (인페르노 - 불의 환희, Inpereuno - Burui Hwanhui): The Orb shoots flame in many directions, creating a force strong enough to easily break through Rankers attacks and fill nearby area with flames.[9]
Evankhell flame elephant
    • Inferno - Festival of Flames (인페르노 - 불의 축제, Inpereuno - Burui Chukje): This technique makes the Orb bigger. Dark red flames circulate around the Orb and fill nearby area, creating fiery cyclone beneath.[9]
    • Inferno Splash Damage Skill - Wailing Flames (인페르노 광역기 - 불의 함성, Inpeleuno Gwang-yeoggi Burui Hamseong): This is powerful Orb technique. Evankhell used it after partial release of her ancient power. The Orb glows more white from heat and blazes several huge streams of fire. These flames can burn Rankers and even High Ranker's Lighthouses can't contain them.[3]
  • Rare Orb - Death Sentence (레어 오브 사형집행, Leeo Obeu Sahyeongjibhaeng): Evankhell gathers a large amount of fire shinsoo and aims it at the opponent, attacking them with a large beam of fire. This is one of Evankhell's stronger attack and she used this against Kallavan causing him to scream in pain. Kallavan had to use one of his strongest technique in order to break free from this attack. Kallavan's response along with this technique's name implies this attack is extremely dangerous.[10]
  • AOE - Flower of Flames (광역기 불의 꽃, gwang-yeoggi bul-ui kkoch): Evankhell blasts flames out of her hands which appears like petals and thorns.

Alternate Translations

  • Ehbahnkel
  • Evankel
  • Evankhell (Line Webtoon)

Notes & Trivia

  • Prior to Evankhell's proper appearance within the story, she was believed to be a man (while Tower of God was still in the Best Challenge of Naver, SIU described Evankhell as being male).[11] SIU does note that even now, it's a little difficult to say that she's perfectly female.[2]
  • When Evankhell was staying at the Floor of Test, the tests were said to be pretty hellish. It’s something that SIU would like to draw in later times.[12]
  • There are almost no scenarios where someone with the power of the ancient like Evankhell is this active. They are very rare, and by their nature are very powerful.[13]


  • (To Zahard's Army) "The problem with Zahard's Army is they value people's family background too much. The kind of pathetic losers who care about family background or class HAVE NO RIGHT TO STAND ON THE SAME BATTLEFIELD AS ME!!"[4]
  • (To Twenty-Fifth Baam) "You look so droopy, like a jellyfish in warm shinsoo. I haven't seen Urek Mazino myself, but I heard all of the irregulars are like real monsters. You must be a bit different from them."[14]


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