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I can't... Stop this... It's like a natural disaster.

Elpathion about Evankhell[4]

Evankhell (에반켈, Ebankel) is a High Ranker and the former Ruler of the Second Floor. Because of her ancient flames power, she is referred to as 'The Infernal Evankhell'.[2] Previously rank 60, Evankhell has now dropped out of the Top 100 as a result of losing her position as Ruler of the 2nd Floor.

Appearance and Personality

All that is known about her is that she is very tall who wears military uniform of sorts and high heeled shoes (as seen on last station just after teleporting) and is high in the rankings; she held the 60th place in the rankings,[1][5] which is very influential, enough to scare Evan Edrok. In her decompressed body, however, she is described to be muscular monster. She usually stays in her compressed form, so that there's no inconvenience. She used to stay decompressed in the Test Floor.

She is supposedly very strict, as Yu Han Sung was worried by the thought of Evankhell finding out about all of the trouble on the Second Floor. According to Hachuling,[6] she is said to have extremely high Shinsu Resistance. According to Yu Han Sung, she has always seen Lero-Ro together with Evankhell.[7] She seems to act recklessly without thinking, like Yuri Zahard.


  • Yu Han SungYu Hansung and Evankhell first met in the middle of a skirmish. When Evankhell was on the verge of killing Hansung, she noted that he did not appear to be afraid. Curious about this due to the frightened appearance of her previous victims, Evankhell questioned what Hansung feared. Hansung responded that he, unlike other rankers, had no delusions of eternal life, so he instead feared the death of his passion for his goals. This answer appealed to Evankhell's ideology, and the two have since had long-standing companionship that leads them to work together on the 2nd Floor. 
  • Twenty-Fifth Baam Evankhell notices Baam during the Last Station fight. After seeing the damage that Baam, a D-Rank at the time, had caused to one of the Army Corps Commanders of Zahard's Army and that he is also an Orb user, she decided to offer herself to pupil Baam, which would make him strong enough to avenge his master. They have been traveling together for the past 2 years.

Alternate Translations

  • Ehbahnkel
  • Evankel
  • Evankhell (Line Webtoon)

Notes & Trivia

  • Prior to Evankhell's proper appearance within the story, she was believed to be a man (while Tower of God was still in the Best Challenge of Naver, SIU described Evankhell as being male).[8] SIU does note that even now, it's a little difficult to say that she's perfectly female.[5]
  • When Evankhell was staying at the Floor of Test, the tests were said to be pretty hellish. It’s something that SIU would like to draw in later times.[9]
  • There are almost no scenarios where someone with the power of the ancient like Evankhell is this active. They are very rare, and by their nature are very powerful.[10]
  • Evankhell's third eye on the forehead, and the design of the ancient, could be inspired by Hindu motifs. The third eye resembles the eye of Shiva, who is the god of destruction. It is mentioned in Hinduism that whenever the third eye opens, it is followed by destruction. It represents primeval powers, unmanifested gods, and the awareness and spiritual strength that comes from opening your chakras and seeing into the beyond. The design of Evankhell's ancient, with the body and Elephant head, is similar to "Ganesh", who is the son of Shiva.
  • Her outfit design somewhat resembles Cammy from Street Fighter.
  • She used to be ranked #60,[1][5] but after getting fired from her position as a Ruler, she was demoted to below the Top 100.[3]


  • (To Tinker Yolche) "I don't care who you work for. If you people are here to kill my subordinate, then I'll just have to kill you too. So either screw off or die. Those are your two choices."[11]
  • (To Khul Nissam Kay) "Well, if you're looking for someone strong, you've come to the right person. But I'm a lot stronger than you bargained for. If you want to play with me, send someone else. You're no match for me."[12]
  • (To Zahard's Army) "The problem with Zahard's Army is they value people's family background too much. The kind of pathetic losers who care about family background or class HAVE NO RIGHT TO STAND ON THE SAME BATTLEFIELD AS ME!!"[2]
  • (To Zahard's Army) "There's no need for those weak fools to fight me. They should just vanish into flames."[2]
  • (To Elpathion) "Sorry but I managed to survive from hell. I'm not afraid of death anymore. If anything scares me, it would be this flame being extinguished. If my body were to stop burning, and I wanted to live under someone else's thumb like you people.. that would really be death to me."[13]
  • (To Yu Han Sung) "You're very strange. Aren't you afraid of dying? Every single ranker I've killed so far has begged me to spare their life. The closer a person thinks they are being immortal, the more they fear death. Some of them even cried like babies. I go around battle just to see them make fools of themselves. What are you afraid of? You're not afraid of death, so I want to know what scares you."[13]
  • (To Kallavan) "Now I'm finally starting to understand why Hansung has such a high hopes for that kid. I can't believe a D-rank regular managed to hurt one Corps Commander of the Zahard's Army. Can you imagine? What if he comes back to avenge his master after training some more? Think of how much stronger he will be. You made a big mistake today, Kallavan."
  • (To Twenty-Fifth Baam) "You look so droopy, like a jellyfish in warm shinsu. I haven't seen Urek Mazino myself, but I heard all of the irregulars are like real monsters. You must be a bit different from them."[14]
  • (To Baam) "You want to get revenge on Kallavan for your master, right? I'll take responsibility for making you stronger. In exchange, you'll have to go through hell for a few years."[14]



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