Eurasia Blossom (유라시아 블로섬, Yoorahshia Beulloseom, "Eurasia Blossom") is the head of the Eurasia Family and birth mother of Eurasia Enne Zahard.

Appearance and Personality

Blossom has the appearance of a young child and loves flamboyant clothes, which is where her sobriquet “Flower Shrimp” (꽃새우, ggotsaewoo) comes from.[1]

She has a lazy personality, which she has been called out on by the other Family Heads.


Although Blossom does not fall short of the other Family Heads in terms of talent and skills, she hasn't involved herself in the politics of the Tower since the Great Journey.[1] Because of her lazy personality, she does not take care of either the Floors she rules or her Family and has thus received a lot of criticism from the other Family Heads because of this.[1]

Interestingly enough, Blossom and Gustang were lovers for a short period, but split after the infamous Eurasia Enne Zahard incident (Enne Zahard was the daughter of Blossom and Gustang. Blossom was very opposed to her becoming a Zahard Princess).[1] Afterwards, the Eurasia and Bidau Families forbade marriages between their two Families and have been in a hostile relationship ever since.[1] The main Eurasia Family is now opposed to the selection of Zahard Princesses.

Powers and Abilities

Of the 10 Family Heads, she possesses the greatest talent in controlling Shinsoo.[1] However, while Po Bidau Gustang, another Family Head, pioneered the research of Shinsoo, she never showed any interest in doing so. However, Blossom’s abilities on the battlefield are said to be above Gustang’s.[1]

While Gustang used Shinsoo to assist in both combat as a “Support” Wave Controller, Blossom used the Shinsoo to directly strike in battle as an “Offensive” Wave Controller.[1] Her way of controlling Shinsoo was very violent and unpredictable, with even the other 10 Family Heads getting out of her way once she started attacking.[1]

It is said that Gustang was jealous of Blossom’s genius talents, which is evident in his many writings. In one of his earliest works, it is written: “Blossom is one of the greatest Wave Controllers, but she cannot teach you anything. This is because she herself does not know how she controls Shinsoo".[1] Thus, whenever a talented person is jealous of an even more talented person, they compare it to "Gustang looking at Blossom". (The idiom eventually evolved to describe a man and a woman in a bad relationship.)[1]

Notes and trivia

  • It's widely known that Gustang was both Blossom's greatest fan and hater. There are many stories floating around about the union of the two however, most are fake. But it is a fact that a certain legal document exists in the possession of the sealed Princess, Enne Zahard, that contains a secret about the two.[2]
  • SIU had added a post scriptum noting that there had been a "slight change with the setting" on the Eurasia profile.[1]


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