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The Essence of Bravery (무의 정수, Muui Jeongsu) also known as "Null Essence" or "Void Essence" is a blue gem that was held in a green jade statue that was located at Miabuchan Village. This is the village where Kallavan is from and for countless generations, the strongest Ranker from his family has guarded the Essence of Bravery.[1]

The gem itself is currently in Kallavan's possession.


Ha Jinsung heard interesting rumours about a Ranker guarding something called the Essence of Bravery. He went to an unexplored area of the tower which was out of the influence of the floor's ruler and there he met Kallavan, the Ranker that was guarding the gem.

Kallavan was the final person to guard this gem because he smashed the bronze statue and took it for himself after Ha Jinsung convinced him to believe that he was the family's ultimate achievement and thought he should be the one to obtain its power.[1]

After Kallavan smashed the bronze statue, he touched the gem and memories from the past started to appear. An image showed the back of a man with large muscles, who was also massive in size. Also with just a glance of the man sealed in the gem, Kallavan knew he was a complete master of martial arts. The man in the past seemed to live in ancient times where wars were always occurring. The man would keep fighting until the blood of his enemies flows like a river. When the man in the gem stops fighting, he sealed himself inside the gem known as 'Essence of Bravery'. Kallavan's ancestor may have connections with the man sealed inside the gem, and the moment when the man sealed himself in the gem, he made eye contact with Kallavan for a short moment. Kallavan saw the man's eyes filled with regret and sadness but Kallavan ultimately obtained the power of the gem.


The Essence of Bravery contains all wisdom of fighting. It is a gem that was guarded by the village's strongest Ranker and they guarded it until another Ranker from the family appeared. They would fight to the death to see which one was the stronger one to inherit the duty of protecting the gem. This made fathers and sons of the family kill each other in an endless cycle for countless generations.[1]

Powers and Abilities

When the young Ranker Kallavan took the gem, he gained a tremendous power that made Ha Jinsung think he was more than capable of becoming a High Ranker. Jinsung also noted that he had no clue what was inside the Essence, but the most important thing is that Kallavan was a worthy vessel for containing it. This made Kallavan's shinsu flow peacefully throughout his entire body. His mind and body were so sharply in tune with each other that it even gave Ha Jinsung chills.[1]

The power in the gem originally belonged to a man that lived in ancient times where he killed many people in war and ultimately sealing himself in the gem which is in Kallavan's possession.

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Alternate Translation

  • Null Essence
  • Void Essence
  • Nothingness Essence



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