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Epilogue - Rachel (에필로그 - 레이첼) is the twelfth arc of the first volume of the Tower of God series.

Arc Summary

Following the Shinheuh controlled by Sunwoo, the trio including herself, Rak and Hong Chunhwa arrives at the Net Dolphin Madame where Baam and Rachel are supposed to come out. Though when the only one person comes out, who appears to be Rachel stuttering with a blank expression on her face, Rak becomes enraged, loudly demanding an answer on what happened to Baam.

Hwa Ryun congratulates Rachel for becoming "the heroine of the story"

A few hours later, the rest of the Regulars, dazed by Baam's death (except for Parakewl who's only interested if he passed), are gathered in a room, excluding Rak and Androssi who are mourning alone, waiting for any news about their friend.

During the quarrel between Hatsu and Parakewl, Lero-Ro appears and, while informing them that they passed thanks to Baam's earlier arrangement with the Guardian, he also confirms Baam's death, which causes the treacherous Rachel to collapse.

Later in her room, to honour Baam's memory, the rest of the Regulars agree on helping Rachel climb the Tower together. At night Hwa Ryun arrives, congratulating the tired Rachel on becoming the "heroine of the story".

Rachel meets Headon

A flashback takes us back to the first episode from Rachel's viewpoint as she entered the Tower and her meeting with Headon who told her that she wasn't the one the Tower chose, but offered her the test regardless. Fearing for her life and refusing to take the test, she's brushed aside by Headon as Baam enters. Hidden in a dark corner, in horror, she watches as Baam takes the same test, not regarding his life at all, and passes. Incited by Headon's taunts and her own jealousy, her real personality is revealed. To that Headon, proposes a deal that would let her become the heroine of the story...

The flashback continues in Yu Han Sung's room where he tells Rachel, with Akryung by her side, that he'll steal everything she needs, for her. As they're having coffee he also introduces the guide Hwa Ryun who'll guide her on her path.

Back in the present, the conversation in the room ends. Before leaving, the guide asks Rachel why she's going to such lengths just to see the stars, with her answering that she's afraid of the Night. After leaving her, Hwa Ryun sets off to find the "Night who lost his stars".

Hwa Ryun and Baam

On the next day, the Regulars, who are to be teleported to the next Floor, are given their graduation rings. Lero-Ro, after handing in his resignation to the Director, who fires Quant as well due to the two of them being a "set menu", decides to head for the 77th Floor to find the truth.

At the same time as Yu Han Sung is giving his final report, Hwa Ryun extends her hand to the injured and confused Baam, promising that all that he seeks and desires is prepared at the top of the Tower.

With the end of this journey, another one is about to unfold...

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Notes and Trivia

  • After the arc and the following review chapter, SIU decided to take a 2 week break before starting the second part of the Tower of God story.[1][2][3]


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