As Viole recovers, Jinsung tells Wangnan to leave Viole. He wanted Viole to have friends, but not for him to put himself in danger for them. Wangnan doesn’t answer, but goes out with the team to buy groceries.

It was taking much longer than usual due to Prince's lighthouses being broken and when the team was resting on a bench that Wangnan broached the subject. Prince retorted that they weren’t the kind to back down and the rest of the team agreed and made their way back to the house.

Inside the house, Yihwa was brooding over the disgrace of her family. Hwa Ryun then provoked her into climbing the Tower ‘like an elite’.

When the rest of the team comes back, Wangnan informs Jinsung of their decision to continue travelling with Viole.
Ja wangnan
He invites Jinsung down for dinner, but Karaka appears.

Jinsung brings Karaka to a place where the Guardian isn’t observing and is informed that the elders of FUG were having doubts about Jinsung’s loyalty. Jinsung retorts that if Viole has more friends, then FUG would have more hostages to use. Karaka concedes and takes this news back to the elders, but parts making it clear that he still doesn’t trust Jinsung.

Inside, Wangnan asks Hwa Ryun the way to Viole’s friend and she tells him that they had to climb to the 30th Floor in two years, but not before asking him whether it was for Viole or for himself, addressing him as “Prince of the Red Light District.” This meaning, however, is ambiguous.


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