Enryu's Thorn (엔류의 가시, Enryu-ui Gasi), also referred to as The Real Thorn, The King Slaying Thorn, The Thorn to Kill the King or simply the Thorn, is a massive red, diamond-shaped object that was first discovered by a monster with strange eyes on the 43rd Floor,[1] the location where Enryu killed a Floor Guardian.


The Thorn on the 43rd Floor

A long time ago, the Irregular Enryu came to the 43rd Floor to destroy Zahard's Army, who were there doing worship rituals for Zahard. After he showed tremendous power and killed almost everyone, the 43rd Floor Guardian decided to intervene. However, the Guardian was killed by Enryu as well. After Enryu's disappearance, rumors said "a monster with strange eyes" discovered a massive red, diamond-shaped object on that Floor.[1] This rumor seems exaggerated to scare people or to spread anxiety, since the terms "monster with strange eyes" here actually refers to David Hockney. The discovery event itself refers to the moment when Yuliu Mata and Hockney were on a mission to find the second Thorn fragment under Hell Joe's order.[2] Yuliu Mata controlled a giant creature, which he named as the "Manyleg".[3][4]

It was revealed that there are four Thorn fragments on the Floor of Death. Hell Joe managed to excavate three of the four fragments, which were sent to different Floors. Joe actually worked with, and was ordered by, Karaka to find all the Thorn fragments, with Karaka promising to help him leave the Floor of Death in return.[1][5] The whereabouts of the other two Thorn fragments that Joe has delivered to outside remain unknown. One was suspected to be in the hands of Madoraco.

First Thorn Fragment

The first fragment was discovered by David Hockney on the Floor of Death[2] and Hell Joe delivered it immediately into the hands of FUG, more precisely, to Slayer Karaka. After retrieving the first Thorn, FUG studied it and found that it was "dead inside and had a hollow body" and they could not use it. FUG then subsequently worked with the shady scientists of The Workshop to do research on how to use it. They eventually succeeded after they found that The Demon that was hiding inside Baam's body could ignite the Thorn.

Due to Jyu Viole Grace being an Irregular, several FUG members under Luslec intended to give this first Thorn to the Slayer Candidate Viole to increase his power and aid them in killing Zahard.[6] However, a faction within FUG lead by Karaka and several Elders (one of them was revealed to be Sophia Tan) decided that such a plan was too risky, and instead, they planned to "melt" and merge Viole with the Thorn by using the Boiling Acid, a special substance made by the Workshop.[7] Karaka's goal was to create a weapon with the power of an Irregular because, in order to kill Zahard, one must be an Irregular.

The first Thorn fragment was hidden deep within a mountain in the central island where the Workshop Battle finals were held. After Baam was captured by Reflejo, he woke up to see a giant red needle object floating right in front of him.[7]

In a turn of events, it was stolen by Jyu Viole Grace. According to Hwa Ryun, the "Fake Thorn" given to Viole acted as a "bowl" for the real one.[8] When Beta trapped Viole inside the true Thorn's chamber, it started to slowly react with the original and begun its summoning.[9] During the battle against Reflejo, the Thorn emerged from its container, allowing Viole to attain victory. This fragment now hovers above Viole's right shoulder in a compressed form.

Second Thorn Fragment

Hell Joe almost completed his mission to find the last Thorn fragment on the Floor of Death, when he attacked the North City where it was located inside the Spirit Room,[5] but he was unable to advance further because there were many traps. It was all thanks to Grand De Jah's special eyes and the help of a mysterious woman. Eventually, Joe had to retreat back to South City.[2]

The last Thorn fragment which Hell Joe couldn't find on the Floor of Death was later revealed to be hidden and sealed by a Family Head, Po Bidau Gustang, within the innermost part of the foundation where three waterfalls are flowing inside the Spirit Room.[10] Ordinary people cannot enter because of the powerful pressure of shinsu flowing inside. Gustang officially gave this Thorn fragment to Twenty-Fifth Baam.[10][11] This last Thorn fragment later became known as the second Thorn fragment that Baam had collected.

Powers and Abilities

When activated, the Thorn drastically enhances Viole's flow control. Khun deduced that it forcibly controls the shinsu in an area, a power that he considered "near god-like". However, SIU said that the Thorn wasn't fully activated yet and that it may work differently depending on who's using it, meaning that we haven't even seen its full power yet. Also, SIU has mentioned that it is indeed a growing weapon meaning it can grow to be stronger than it already is and that it would burst out when needed.[12] Previously, Viole was able to use it for 10 minutes per day; if he attempted to use it for any longer he ran the very serious risk of the Thorn overtaking his mind and body and then going berserk.[13] He has since overcome this issue.

After integrating into Baam, the second Thorn fragment activated by itself when Baam was on the verge of death after a tiny power of the real King Zahard managed to enter the Hidden Floor and choked Baam physically, making him lose consciousness.[14] This Thorn fragment has space controlling abilities. When Baam used it against the "God" of Guardians, the "God" of guardians said there was the "sound of space bursting open" after he was pushed back.


Fake Thorn

After the first real Thorn fragment was discovered by David Hockney on the Floor of Death[2] and Hell Joe delivered it to FUG, the so-called dangerous organisation within the Tower subsequently worked with the shady scientists of The Workshop to do research on how to use it. They eventually succeeded and it seems like they managed to create a replica or fake version of the real Thorn.

FUG then implanted the "fake Thorn" or so they named it, inside Baam's body. The fake Thorn, according to Hwa Ryun, was said to be a "container" or "bowl" that was prepared to hold the real Thorn.[8] It was given to Baam to let his body adapt with its power. Baam first revealed the fake Thorn when he was forced to overcome both Aleksai Amigochaz and Vespa at the same time because his shinsu was "jammed" with a shinsu ring called "Reina" on his finger that was created by Verdi's octopus.[15] When activated, the fake Thorn generated a red long straight vertical beam or spark instead of materializing as a physical Thorn. Although it was called the fake Thorn, apparently a small bit of its power is enough to create a large fissure-like cut on the wall, as seen when a large "scar" was cut into the wall when Reflejo first gave Baam the replica.[16]

Notes and Trivia

  • During the Workshop Battle, when combined with Baam, the Thorn was referred to by the following item code: SS-1SSA.[17]
  • The Thorn cannot talk.[18]
  • It is fitted with an "invisible mode".[19]
  • The name was originally "Thorn" in the unofficial translations (the Korean uses "가시" (gasi), for which "Thorn" is likely a more symbolically accurate translation than "Needle"). LINE Webtoon now uses "Thorn" as well.
  • Rachel can theoretically utilise a Thorn as well since she is also an Irregular.[20]
  • It was revealed to be a mysterious weapon left by Enryu for the child of the prophecy.[5]
  • The Thorn is split into four fragments; three of these fragments were already shipped off outside the Floor of Death by Hell Joe:
  • SIU has stated that the reveal of the second Thorn fragment was something he debated a lot. He wanted to either elaborate on the story but he also thought about cutting the lore and going straight to the Thorn Fragment. He chose the latter and expanding the lore later.[23]

Alternate Translation

  • Enryu's Needle
  • The Real Needle
  • The King Slaying Needle
  • The Needle to Kill the King



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