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Enryu's Thorn, also referred to as The Real Thorn, The King Slaying Thorn, The Thorn to Kill the King or simply the Thorn was a massive object found at the location where Enryu killed the 43rd Floor Guardian.


Enryu's Thorn is an item surrounded by mystery. Not much is known, solely that it was a massive object found at the location where the Irregular Enryu killed the 43rd Floor Guardian. It was divided into four fragments with the first one being found by David Hockney.[1] Hell Joe had three of the four fragments excavated and he handed at least one of them to FUG. The last fragment has yet to be found by Hell Joe[1] although it has been revealed that it is hidden in the Spirit Room in North City.[2]

Studying one of the fragments, FUG found that it was "dead inside and had a hollow body" and could not be used. The organisation subsequently worked with the shady scientists of the Workshop to try and find ways to create living Ignition Weapons so that it could be used to fulfill their objectives. FUG's intention was to give the Thorn to the Slayer candidate Jyu Viole Grace to increase his power and aid them in killing Zahard.[3] However a faction within FUG lead by Karaka and several Elders decided that such a plan was too risky and instead planned to merge Viole with the the Thorn.[4]

The Thorn was hidden within an aquatic arena being used for the Workshop Battle Finals. In a turn of events it was stolen by Jyu Viole Grace. According to Hwa Ryun, the "Fake Thorn" given to Viole acted as a "bowl" for the real one. When Beta trapped Viole inside the true Thorn's chamber, it started to slowly react with the original and begun its summoning.[5] During the battle against Reflejo, the Thorn emerged from its container, allowing Viole to attain victory. This fragment now hovers above Viole's right shoulder in a compressed form.

Powers and Abilities

When activated, the Thorn drastically enhances Viole's Flow Control. Koon deduced that it forcibly controls the Shinsoo in an area, a power that he considered "near god-like". However SIU said that the Thorn wasn't fully activated yet and that it may work differently depending on who's using it, meaning that we haven't even seen its full power yet. Also, SIU has mentioned that it is indeed a growing weapon meaning it can grow to be stronger than it already is and that it would burst out when needed.[6] Previously, Viole was able to use it for 10 minutes per day; if he attempted to use it for any longer he ran the very serious risk of the Thorn overtaking his mind and body and then going berserk.[7] He has since overcome this issue.


Notes and Trivia

  • During the Workshop Battle, when combined with Baam, the Thorn was referred to by the following item code: SS-1SSA.[8]
  • The Thorn cannot talk.[9]
  • It is fitted with an "invisible mode".[10]
  • The name was originally "Thorn" in the unofficial translations (the Korean uses "가시", for which "Thorn" is likely a more symbolically accurate translation than "Needle"). LINE Webtoon now uses "Thorn" as well.
  • Rachel can theoretically utilise a Thorn as well, since she is also an Irregular.[11]
  • It was revealed to be a mysterious weapon left by Enryu for the child of the prophecy.[2]
  • The Thorn is split into four fragments; three of these fragments were shipped off of the Floor of Death by Hell Joe:
    • One fragment is currently with Baam, after it was traded to FUG and they used it to turn him into a living Ignition Weapon.
    • One was under De Jah's protection in the Spirit Room,[2] and was given to Baam by Po Bidau Gustang. Whether this fragment goes to himself or Rachel is for Baam to decide.
    • One is rumoured to be in the hands of Madoraco.[12] Hwa Ryun obtained the Soul-Stirring Ladle from De Sah in order to trade for this fragment.
    • The whereabouts of the last one is currently unknown.
    • The second thorn has activated for Baam in season 2 chapter 306
  • SIU has stated that the reveal of the second Thorn fragment was something he debated a lot. He wanted to either elaborate on the story but he also thought about cutting the lore and going straight to the Thorn Fragment. He chose the latter and expanding the lore later.[13]

Alternate Translation

  • Enryu's Needle
  • The Real Needle
  • The King Slaying Needle
  • The Needle to Kill the King



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