There is a rumour that the famous Enryu is even able to create Life with Shinsoo.


Enryu (엔류, Ehn-ryoo) is an Irregular. His status is unknown and he is currently ranked 2nd. He is the first known Irregular to have entered the Tower during Zahard's rule.


Enryu is the most mysterious character in the Tower, about as mysterious as Phantaminum. Currently, Enryu's whereabouts are unknown and no-one knows what he is doing.[1]

Enryu opening gate

Enryu entering the Tower

Enryu entered the Tower during Zahard's rule. His most interesting achievement, the slaying of the Guardian of the 43rd Floor revealed to the people of the Tower that Guardians, originally thought to be immortal, were not absolute beings.[1] While initially it was unknown why Enryu killed the 43rd Floor Guardian, it was later revealed that he entered the 43rd Floor believing that Zahard had desecrated the Floor that was once Arlen Grace's shrine. Enryu grimly warned that those who followed the "fake king" would be destroyed and while many took his warning seriously and left, which spared them of Enryu's wrath, Zahard's fanatics charged at him but Enryu instantly decimated all of them with a single titanic burst of his Red Rain and then was confronted by the enraged Guardian of the Floor. Enryu proved himself to be more powerful and slayed the Administrator while utterly laying waste to the Floor's landscapes.[3] Enryu left behind huge thorn at the site where the Guardian died, as Enryu's purpose was to deliver the thorn that would cut the king's throat.

Before this feat Zahard was #1 in Ranking by then, although his inactivity led to him being pushed down to 2nd place by Enryu, who took over the 1st place at the time because of this.

Enryu became the No. 1 Ranker with the nickname of "Guardian Murderer".[1] Later on, Phantaminum entered the Tower. With the Zahard Palace Intrusion Incident, Phantaminum quickly took 1st place, pushing Enryu and Zahard down to 2nd and 3rd places, respectively.[1]


Enryu's sobriquet, Red Tower, was given to him because the Shinsoo within the Tower turned red in his presence, but the reason for this is unknown.[1]

Appearance and Personality

Enryu has been seen to have red hair with red eyes and wears a brown jacket and he is known for being very handsome.

Enryu is known to be a methodical fighter, battling gracefully to the point that his way of fighting is idolized by many Rankers. Enryu seems to hold Arlen Grace in high regard to the point of being outraged and finding the idea of her favored place being used as a temple for Zahard unforgivable. Although remorseless in unleashing his destructive powers and fully confident against enemies, ruthlessly massacring all of Zahard's Rankers with a single burst and even facing the Administrator of the 43'rd Floor without fear and fighting it with so much intensity as to destroy much of the Floor's environment before finally defeating it, he does not seem to be entirely without mercy, offering all of Zahard's Rankers a chance to leave peacefully and not harming those who had fled.

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Powers and Abilities

Enryu attack

Enryu striking down his "Red Rain"

Enryu is a phenomenally powerful and accomplished Irregular, having been capable of killing the Guardian of the 43rd Floor and utterly decimating the Zahard Worshippers on the floor. As the Guardians were previously thought to be impossible to kill, this feat alone propelled Enryu to the No. 1 ranking, overtaking Zahard himself. He remained there until Phantaminum appeared in Zahard's palace. 

Extremely Advanced Shinsoo Mastery: Enryu's most notable trait is his absolutely overwhelming levels of control over Shinsoo, quite possibly the greatest in the Tower's history, which is rated a cut above the Guardians and a 'heretical' ability, breaking the laws of the Tower.[1][3] Shinsoo in the area turns red when Enryu appears. His mastery over Shinsoo manipulation is so great that he is rumored capable of creating life using Shinsoo, a feat that not even the likes of Urek Mazino is capable of achieving.[2] Another testament to Enryu's unparalleled control over Shinsoo is by how he is fully capable of summoning and completely controlling countless amounts of Baangs of Shinsoo to the point that he has handled the greatest amount of Baangs in the Tower's history, a truly remarkable feat. Although the accurate number is not recorded, it's clear that it surpasses other recorded figures greatly. According to a Light Bearer who once had the chance to record Enryu's combat, Enryu is known to have handled over 9,000 Baangs during the combat.[4] One of Enryu's most preferred and famously known methods of combat is his capability of creating thousands of extremely powerful spears made of Shinsoo and striking them downwards; some people use a poetic expression 'Red Rain' to describe this scene and the rare few spectators say the sight is quite beautiful.[1][3] However, it is clearly extremely painful and not a beautiful sight on the victim's view. A single burst of his Red Rain was able to completely wipe out every single one of Zahard's rankers that opposed him. His Shinsoo control is so great that he proved to be superior to Guardians, as shown by how he could harm the 43'rd Floor's Guardian with his Red Rain and entirely render the Administrator's ability to prevent Shinsoo users from using Shinsoo useless, eventually overpowering the initially thought invincible Guardian.

Flight: Enryu is capable of levitating himself off the ground and moving at vast speeds through the air with ease, it being one of his key combat attributes.

Notes and Trivia

  • Enryu is the only known person to have ever killed a Guardian in the Tower's history.
    • As this is something that according to SIU not even Zahard is capable of achieving even if he tries with all his power, this feat marks Enryu as the second most powerful being in the whole Tower, with only the Axis Phantaminum being his superior. However, Enryu is currently inactive and therefore this has left Zahard the top Ranker currently active.
  • A massive needle-like object was discovered where Enryu killed the Guardian of the 43rd Floor and shortly after named by FUG as the "The Thorn to Kill the King". It was somehow acquired by FUG in order to achieve their goal of killing Zahard and the 10 Families. It is currently in the possession of Jyu Viole Grace and seems to be a key for the organisation's goals.[5]
  • Enryu and Phantaminum have never fought. They have never even met and there are a lot of opinions on who would win if they actually fought each other.[1] However given that Enryu is not an Axis, his chances are non-existent. Curiously, while one of the only two currently capable of killing Zahard and his rage at Zahard's desecration of Arlen Grace's favored place, Enryu has not directly challenged him.
  • It is not known where Enryu is or what he's doing currently and it is rumoured that Headon is seeking him with avidity.[1]
  • Once, there was a mistranslation that stated that Urek could create life out of Shinsoo. However, this was a mistranslation and only Enryu can do so.[2]
  • SIU is planning for Enryu to occasionally appear in the later part of Tower of God.
  • Enryu is not an Exis

    SIU confirms that Enryu is not an Axis.

    SIU has specifically stated in a user chat that Enryu is not an Axis.
  • The amount of baangs he commands (over 9000) is a Dragon Ball reference.
  • SIU has said that Enryu is a "munchkin" (likely meaning a powergamer or overpowered character, since he said it in the context of why Enryu wouldn't appear much in the plot and not until later in the story).
  • He is a "messenger of God" that delivered Thorn into the Tower.[3]

Seven Knights Game Character

Seven Knights x Top Collaboration (ver

Seven Knights x Top Collaboration (ver.30sec)

A short preview trailer (30 seconds) for Seven Knight game collaboration with tower of god

A few months after the shut down of the independent Tower of God android game by Neowiz Able Studio, a mobile game "Seven Knight" announced the game collaboration with Tower of God characters. Seven Knight decided to present 4 characters of Tower of God that includes Yuri ZahardKoon AA, Baam and Enryu. This game collaboration itself more likely a marketing purposes for Korean, in order to increase the popularity of tower of god as a webtoon, because these characters are only available at the Korean Server, not the global one. For more info about the details of Baam as a game character, please visit Seven Knights Wiki (Enryu).

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  • (To Zahard's Rankers) "Only those who believe in the false king will remain here and face death."[3]

Alternate Translations

  • (Korean pronunciation) Ehn-ryoo
  • Anryu


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