Enna Core is an advanced technique that allows a single Lighthouse to do as much computation as nine of them with each side handling a different set of calculations.[1] On a purely theoretical level, it is an extremely simple skill, though in practice it is very difficult since even dividing one side of a Lighthouse causes a massive overload. As such, normal Lighthouses cannot utilise Enna Core.[1]

Upgrade kit

By upgrading a normal Lighthouse with using the A-graded "Enna Core upgrade kit" secretly produced by the Workshop, a Lighthouse then use Enna Core.[1]

Mystery Sphere

Using a Lighthouse that possesses immense computation power, the user is able to generate a Mystery Sphere (미스터리 서클, Mystery Circle) that looks like a huge blue honeycomb sphere. The sphere is filled with countless hexagonal teleportation surfaces and opponents that touch a teleportation surface are instantly warped to another teleportation surface at random, trapping them inside.[1]

Changing the Mystery Sphere's mode to Red Crystal (레드 크리스탈, Ledeu Keuliseutal), changing the colour of the sphere from blue to red, enables the user to teleport the entrapped opponent wherever the user wishes in the instant where the opponent attacks with enough power to break through the sphere.[1]

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Notes and Trivia

  • As noted by Evan, use of an Enna Core upgrade kit is both illegal and expensive.[1]
  • Evan Edrok upgraded Koon Aguero Agnis's Lighthouse and taught him this technique while journeying in the Hell Express.
  • A Regular cannot use this technique, Koon achieves it thanks to Beta ( a living Ignition Weapon) being inside its Lighthouse and doing the required computation.[2]


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