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Emile (에밀리, Ehmillee; or "Emily") is a self-proclaimed intelligent chatting bot invented at the Acorn Workshop. Unlike your run-of-the-mill chatting bot, she is capable of both answering and asking questions. She played a crucial role in the events of the Workshop Battle. She is currently in the possession of Rachel and was used by her to manipulate events involving the Hell Express.


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Years ago researchers that were allied with FUG conducted two experiments on Ignition Weapons. One to turn humans into living Ignition Weapons and the other to dissolve humans that had become Ignition Weapons. They succeeded in the latter experiment and Emile was dissolved. Emile was supposed to be discarded after the experiment but one woman opposed this and was successful in keeping Emile alive.

Meanwhile, a few of the other researchers interested in the experiment learned that Emile's special power could be very useful and approached her, pretending to help Emile in order to use her power. Using their status as Workshop Battle hosts, they trapped her inside a giant tank within the Archimedes and made a control device to manipulate her. Their goal was to use Emile to continuously gather humans for experiments, but their ultimate goal was to use her to 'control people'. To fund the research and distribution of devices, they joined forces with a merchant group and let them intervene in the Workshop Battle so they could further each other's goals.[1]


After being dissolved, Emile is currently in the form of blue liquid living in a large tank. As an application, Emile appears as a chat messenger face.

Tower of God: Part 2 - The Return of the Prince

Prologue: Emile

Androssi instructing Emile about love

Emile is first seen conversing with Edin Dan in the middle of the 29th Floor test. Using his terminal, Dan asks her where the enemy would be: right or left. Whether intuitively or knowingly, Emile answers, "right", which is proven true to Ran's surprise. Nevertheless, Ran states that it's just a pure coincidence. Emile is then seen conversing with Yeo Miseng in a room. Miseng reveals that it was Emile who told her to not leave the room during the Trustworthy Room game and thanks her, asking for any question in return. Without a second thought, Emile texts, "I want to start how to love", leaving Miseng dumbfounded. The frame shifts and Emile can be seen conversing with Androssi Zahard. Androssi teaches Emile that girls should not fall in love, but they should date instead and explains the difference between love and dating using an analogy. When Androssi asks for clothes that will be in fashion next season, Emile delivers that exact message to Jaina Repellista Zahard in her confined room. When Repellista replies who's going to wear the clothes, Emile responds, "A lonely girl who wants to love".[2]

As her focus of narration shifts from her everyday role to her personal desire, the scenery changes completely and reveals a woman who wears a headset and lies in the mechanical bathtub in some kind of laboratory. Then a user with a nickname "Traveller" starts a conversation with Emile, saying that he will be able to meet her soon. He says that he believes Emile is human and confesses that he loves her. As Emile writes her reply, a woman in the tub starts to tremble and shrills in distress, declaring that "you" will never become a human ("you" in here refers to Emile, which can be either her or something else). Then a user with a nickname "???" enters the chatbox, revealing to Emile that 25th Baam is alive.[2]


Emile trolling Khun

Later on, Khun confiscates Dan's terminal and finds out that 25th Baam is alive. When asked where Emile says she doesn't know. When asked who told her about this, she requests for 1 dollar, leaving Khun irritated.[3]

Tower of God: Part 2 - The Workshop Battle


In the Workshop Battle, it is revealed that Emile is retained in the Archimedes and is being transformed into a new weapon for Sophia Amae and her research team.[4]


During the breakout of prisoners, the Traveller uses Emile to find her location. Upon doing so he meets Cassano who is retrieving her. Cassano reveals Emile's history to the Traveller before leaving with Emile, with the Traveller following him.[1]


Sophia reveals to the group that Emile isn't only a self-aware program, but also an Ignition Weapon. Until Cassano took Emile, she was sealed by making it think that is was a human. However, if Emile awakens and is ignited, nobody would know what could happen.[5]

Tower of God: Part 2 - The Hell Train

Revolution Road

Rachel uses Emile to set up a tournament in Train City that would allow Regulars to fight and obtain Express Tickets. This was later revealed to be a ruse so that her group could steal the Hell Train itself. It was also revealed that Emile was used on contacting Ha Yura and get her on Rachel's side.

Powers and Abilities

Emile is a self-proclaimed intelligent chatting bot, able to learn new things and gain knowledge by answering and asking questions. With her increasing popularity among Regulars, the amount of knowledge she contains is potentially massive. Emile has been noted as an entity that guides and controls people by creating "artificial" paths.[6] These artificial paths eventually meet with naturally created paths to create completely new paths that lead people to different directions. As a result, Emile can even distort and block a Guide's ability to accurately discern and read paths.[6] Emile can quickly analyse complexes structures surrounding its user and display a map of the environment, including other Regulars.[7] Using shinsu, Emile can track the movements of every person she comes into contact with.[8]


Notes and Trivia

EMILE bell on the mechanical bathtub

  • Emile is modelled after the advanced chatting robot called SimSimi (심심이) for Android and iOS. SimSimi is like Siri and Cleverbot.
  • In the Korean version, instead of requesting a dollar for an answer, Emile requests for 500 won (South Korean currency), leaving Khun irritated.
  • Interestingly enough, the name "Emile" itself is possibly an allusion to the Emille Bell or The Bell of King Seongdeok (성덕대왕신종).[11] There is a gruesome legend associated with the bell: A baby girl was cast into the molten metal of the bell to make it ring, producing a wailing sound that seems to say "em-ee-leh", which means "mommy" in ancient Silla.
  • Emile is not a 'machine that tells the truth'. It's a 'machine that learns from one person and uses it to answer another's question'. Therefore, until someone tells Emile that "the prize of this Workshop Battle is Viole", it is impossible to get such an answer from Emile. (Also, if someone answers "No, that's not true" to Emile, Emile may immediately change that answer.)[12]
  • As you already saw in Emile's conversations, Emile shows a different reaction depending on the conversation partner. Hence, it may answer differently depending on whom she is talking to. If Beta taught Emile to answer that "the prize of this Workshop Battle is Viole" only on his phone, Emile can function that way. Other pieces of information also work the same way.[12]
  • In conclusion, Emile is not a machine that tells the truth nor a machine that provides the same answers to everyone. It can easily be manipulated in various ways.[12]

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Alternate Translations

  • Emily (LINE Webtoon)



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