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Elpathion (엘파시온, Elpasion) is a High Ranker and vice Commander of the 4th army corp in Zahard's Army. He is also a First Tier Servant of Kallavan.[1]

Appearance and Personality

Elpathion appears to be extremely tall (~5-6 meters) with grey and blue, exoskeleton-like skin. He also has wide horns protruding laterally from his head and a tail.

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Tower of God: Part 2 - The Last Station

Elpathion along with the first division commander, first division vice commander and the rest of Division 1, arrived at the last station, receiving a report of what was happening, saying that there were two slayers and Yuri on the train. Elpathion sends a message to the regulars hiding in the last station on a screen saying they will proceed to execute their companions if they do not turn themselves in, and gave them an hour to do so.


An explosion occurred in one of Zahard's warship and from there, members of FUG came out, causing havoc at the last station. One of the people that came out of the warship was Evankhell, which caught Elpathion's attention as the only person in the entire tower that uses the blazing orb is Evankhell herself. After witnessing Evankell's massacre of the Zahard's Army, Elpathion and Sharon stepped in and demands Evankhell to stop. Talking to her was getting nowhere so Elpathion ordered the army to get in position, so they can subdue Evankhell until the army corps commander arrives. However, even with multiple high rankers, and many other rankers, they were no match for Evankhell as she releases a fraction of her ancient powers and melts the rankers, and even pushing Elpathion and Sharon back, with Elpathion saying he cannot stop her, comparing her to a natural disaster.

Tower of God: Part 3

The Intrusion

During the battle at The Nest, Elpathion commands the 4th Army Corp to defend the first wall when The Cage was teleported by Khel Hellam and Soo-oh. Elpathion then engages Evankhell to block her flames with his Lighthouses.[2]

When Kallavan appeared in front of Baam, Hwa Ryun quickly contacted Karaka and Evankhell to regroup at Baam's location. Lo Po Bia Lefav who tried to shoot Evankhell was surprised with Evankhell's sudden movement and wondering what could be so urgent. Lefav then contacted Elpathion and asked for his assistance in slowing down Evankhell so she could get a clear shot. Elpathion agreed and road-blocking Evankhell who was heading into Baam's direction. The Vice Corps Commander then used his Lighthouse Transcendence Skill Crystal Mirror Room to slow down Evankhell, but it didn't last even for 10 seconds and Evankhell managed to break free. As the first plan failed, Elpathion had to take the plan B made by Lefav, where he will sacrifice himself to stop Evankhell from moving. Elpathion then was stabbed by Evankhell's flames needle and it blasted flames through his stomach.[3]

Powers and Abilities

As a High Ranker in Zahard's Army, Elpathion's power and influence are considerable and mostly focus on defence due to his position. He can command Divisions in 4th Army Corp. Elpathion is a Light Bearer and he can control at least 50 Lighthouses.[4] During the Battle at the Last Station, Elpathion has shown to be an extremely skilled Light Bearer. While Evankhell was battling Khun Royale Elliot, Elpathion was able to limit the resulting shockwaves albeit with great difficulty.[5] Later on, he was also capable of easily negating a powerful attack by White. White's attack was dangerous enough to worry other High Rankers such as Ari Bright Sharon.

Elpathion can also control a fleet of barrier Floating Ship and synchronize it with his Lighthouse to increase the power of the defensive barrier.[2]


Elpathion sending the regulars a message.

  • (About Evankhell) "We are going to subdue that monster until the corps commander gets here." [4]
  • (To Evankhell) "Charging a corps in defensive formation all by yourself? That takes a hell of a lot of confidence even for you, The Infernal Evankhell..!!" [2]
  • (To Evankhell) "I'm the Vice Corps Commander of the 4th Army Corp of Zahard's Army!! I'll never let you pass through here!!" [3]
  • "Lord Kallavan!! I'm sorry!! I offer my life for the sake of the Corps!" [3]



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