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Fuck off. If you want to walk, use your own damn perfectly fine legs. After all, didn't you betray two of your friends with them?

—Dan's response to Rachel when she asks to climb the Tower together[3]

Edin Dan (에딘 댄) is a D-rank Regular Scout that has incredible speed ability since he was still an E-rank Regular. He rested for some years on the 25th Floor, but was forced to continue climbing by Khun Aguero Agnis and, after joining Team Tangsooyook with Khun, he participated in the Workshop Battle on the 30th Floor. Formerly a member of Khun's previous team, Dan is currently part of Khun's support team.

Appearance and Personality

  • Edin Dan: long black hair that has been pulled back into a ponytail. He usually wears a plain orange vest over brown shirts.
  • Dinn: Dan disguised himself and changed his name into Dinn. when he participated in the The Workshop Battle (30F) to avoid FUG surveillance. He dyed his hair to orange with single ponytail. He wears an orange tanktop shirt and black training long pants.[4]

Dan has been shown to be rather prideful in his abilities. When Novick announced the start of the ranking battle, he immediately joined in but was promptly defeated. As such, he was ranked last in Khun's team.[5] Though he was made out to be a proud individual, he is determined and has a resolve to never become useless. He was first shown reluctant to join a team and climb the Tower, because of how people die and kill climbing it. Along with the fact that members of his new team betrayed them further adds to his argument.

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During his ascension, his speed was such that he was never caught by a Lighthouse. As such, his talents have been sought by many Regulars, each offering to climb the Tower with him; however, he declined all requests and stopped climbing the Tower because he didn't like the system, choosing to become a hunter instead. He was also traumatised by the death of his past teammates, him being the only one to run away.[6]

Tower of God: Part 2 - The Return of the Prince

Connecting Fences

Edin Dan was first seen when he walked into a cafe for a meeting with Khun Aguero Agnis. When Khun revealed that he wished to recruit Dan for his speed, Dan refused and said how he was tired of all the killing and deaths. Khun enticed him into a gamble; if Dan won then he would receive a valuable stone and if Khun won then Dan would have to join his team. Khun easily won and captured him in his Lighthouse. At Khun's base, Novick introduced himself as the Spear Bearer of the team. Novick warned Dan to not act rashly in front of the other group members. When Dan questioned Khun's motivations, Novick replies that there was a girl upstairs and to never imply that Khun and her were in a romantic relationship. Novick introduced him to the rest of the group and then set a battle to determine the rankings in the team. Dan was beaten up immediately and ranked last. Khun, later on, told them to act as a fence around Rachel and that he would reward them later on when he becomes the head of his family.

Workshop Battle - Prologue - Emile

On the 29th Floor, Dan was taking the test. He used the AI program Emile to help him determine the location of the enemy.


After locating the enemy, Dan and Ran faced two members of the enemy team. Dan asked Ran who he wanted to fight but Ran said he could take care of both of them. Hearing this, Dan left to go towards the enemy's cannon. He then deactivated the opponent team's cannons and in the process earned his team a victory. After the test, he was scolded by Khun for listening to Emile and to take such a huge risk. Dan apologised and left the room and met Rachel who compliments Dan on his speed and tells him that "It would be great if you could become my legs". Afterwards, she left, leaving Dan confused.

Devil of the Right Arm

Dan dead.png
When FUG made its move, Apple and Michael were about to kill him but Rachel intervened, telling them to stop since he didn't do anything wrong. She asked if Dan could be her legs, but this disgusted Dan, who told her to use her own legs since she already betrayed her teammates with them. In a rage, she stabbed Dan repeatedly.


When Khun returned to his base, he found Dan, who had his legs rendered useless by Rachel. It appears that before he went unconscious, he crawled over to Gyetang to try to help him. Team Tangsooyook brought him back to the hospital. Soon after, he woke up to find out he wouldn't be able to run anymore. Knowing that, he still wanted to go with Khun to the Workshop Battle to show he wouldn't give in to despair a second time.

Tower of God: Part 2 - The Workshop Battle

One Shot, One Opportunity

He collaborated with Khun to deceive the attacking Regulars in order to steal their bullets.


During the conversation with Rak, he told him that he had already heard of him from Ran and also about the events during Khun Family war, which Khun Aguero Agnis was involved in, and his reasons for entering the Tower.

Battle x Gamble

Edin Dan disguised himself and changed his name into Dinn. He participated in the Workshop Battle and won the 15th round of the event "Plug Battle" along with Rak Wraithraiser who disguised himself with a Red Hawk with a beak mask to avoid FUG surveillance of him being the old friend of Viole. Both of them emerging victorious in battle. He dyed his hair to orange with single ponytail. He wears an orange tanktop shirt and black training long pants.[4] He also was seen to watch the fight of Khun Ran VS Anak Zahard.

The Truth

Dan was seen listening to Khun's explanation of the upcoming Development Tournament.


Dan was summoned with the other Regulars to Wolhaiksong's ship.


Dan was chosen by Khun to form part of Novick and Ran's team along with Xia Xia.

Tower of God: Part 2 - The Hell Train


Dan was seen with the rest of his team getting ready to leave on their mission to catch Beniamino Cassano.

Revolution Road

After Beta and Ran had slain everyone on their carriages, Dan appeared with Novick and Xia Xia. Dan commented on how uncharacteristic it was for Khun to be late when Xia Xia received a message on her Lighthouse. Then, when the tournament occurring at Train City was posted Dan noted it would be a trap but Ran said that they would go anyway, to catch Cassano.

Eventually, they reached Train City and encountered an elevator. The group argued which floor to go to with Ran ending up pressing the "Entrance" floor out of irritation. On the Entrance floor, the group encountered a strange person guarding the gate and telling them to turn back. Dan then watched as Ran battled the person, who overwhelmed the latter, and then witnessed the arrival of Daniel Hatchid who explained who the strange person was and their function as guardian.

The next day at the tournament, Dan scouts Aka Williams and relays the information to Ran and Novick who then join him where he is. After Ran insults Aka and challenges him to a fight, Dan and Novick observe in shock when one of Aka's subordinates battles Ran instead and overwhelms the latter with relative ease. When the subordinate goads Ran into attacking, Dan fruitlessly attempts to calm Ran down.
Later on, when the Regulars are navigating the maze on their mission to stop Rachel's group, Dan uses his immense speed and Xia Xia's directions to locate and press the button needed to open the door to let them out of the maze.

Yuri Zahard

Dan was seen alongside the rest of his team as they made it past the 6th Veil of the Name Hunt station.

The 'Name Hunt' Station

When Ran got irritated and wanted to go back, Dan noted that he'd destroyed their only way back due to the other Regulars being noisy. After pressing onwards with the rest of the team, they then encountered a large Regular who demanded that Ran gave him his name. Dan then watched as Ran eventually overwhelmed and destroyed Hesse. Later, with the team being lead through the station by Chigrinsky, he helped to subdue the 'unnamed' Regulars that attacked them. In the 'unnamed' residence, he passed out due to the sedative in his drink but was saved by the timely arrival of Hatsu, Anak and Leesoo. Disposing of Chigrinsky's body, Dan then listened to Leesoo explain their current situation.

Powers and Abilities

Edin Dan is not well known as a combatant, and that is usually interpreted as strange for someone of such a supposed calibre to be recruited by Khun. However, Ran (the haughtiest yet strongest member of Khun's team) himself said that Dan's speed is unrivalled, making him a worthy ally.[7] However, this speed does not translate into mobility in battle and his fighting abilities are still unknown. In his most recent showing, he was able to leap an incredible distance before smashing a Regular into the ground.[8]

Extreme Speed: As a "Speeder", Dan is capable of accelerating to incredibly high speeds. When he does so, his feet create red-coloured, and more recently yellow-coloured, electric-like sparks. After Rachel stabbed his legs, he was no longer capable of doing so for a large while; however he slowly regained his ability to run to the point where he was able to run fast for short distances, though not as freely as he used to.[9] In his most recent appearance, he is shown sprinting a fair distance at high speed and is mentioned as being the fastest member of his team.[10]


  • (To Khun Aguero Agnis) "Strange, huh...? It's as if I lost everything, and yet, I cannot cry today... Khun, let's go to the Workshop Battle. Let's show her... That we don't just give up like that."[11]

Alternate Translation

  • The Din (in disguise) (The COMPANY)
  • Dinn (in disguise) - (LINE Webtoon)



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