Dowon (도원, Dowon) is a war hero from the Land of the Peach Blossom or "Dohwa" for short, one of The Five Flower Nation or Kingdom who opposed the coronation of Zahard as the King of the Tower during the Age of Genesis. She is the older sister of Khane, who is the only one who remembers who she is and her sacrifice, as the other people of her town had their memories erased.[1] She is also the Co-Leader of the Hidden Grove team which known for it's the best feat for killing direct descendants of the previous generation of 10 Great Families.[2] She sealed herself within the Wall of Peaceful Coexistence in order to save her kingdom from destruction.[1][3]

Appearance and Personality

She has pale skin and long flowing pink hair which fades to white. She has pink eyes with white pupils and blue beauty marks underneath both of her eyes. Her ears are pointed and elf-like. Her attire consists of a bright pink sleeveless dress, which glows at the bottom.

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Following the war history of FUG against the Zahard Empire, Dowon and Khane was still a child when Zahard declared himself as the King of the Tower. Their father is a Ranker and warrior of Dohwa. Their family could control Flower Shinsoo for generations. One day, their father was ordered by the King of Dohwa to go into the battlefield to fight the Zahard forces. In the end, their father died in the battle. After their father's death, Dowon and Khane trained so hard to become Rankers to fill the empty spot their father left behind.[3]

After becoming a ranker, Dowon and Khane quickly become one of many outstanding Rankers from many countries who opposed Zahard to become King of the Tower. In order to stand up against Zahard and 10 Great Families, these countries will send their outstanding rankers to receive special training under the masters at FUG. Dowon and Khane also were sent to receive training at FUG. They were trained under a master/teacher who knows the story of a great man and woman (possibly refers to V and Arlen Grace) and also the story of how FUG was created. Their master also knew about Arlene's prophecy.[1]

After all of these outstanding rankers completed their training, they will be assigned in their respective special teams. Dowon was assigned as a member of the Hidden Grove team, along with Cha, Khun Hynd Luch, Taro York, Toro and three other unnamed members. During the war, the Hidden Grove team quickly gained popularity as one of the best teams that emerged during the war after they successfully killed the direct descendants of the previous generation of the 10 Great Families.[2]

  • Dowon's profile
  • Dowon, Luch, and Taro York face the giant Cobra
  • Giant Cobra
  • 8th son reveal that Dowon was going to be sealed
  • Dowon said goodbye to Cha
  • Dowon said goodbye to Cha

Three Months before she was sealed, Dowon, Khun Luch, and Taro York was targeted and being chased by Ancient Odd-Eyed Giant Cobra, one of the 23 special beasts of Lo Po Bia Family which was controlled by the 8th son of the Lo Po Bia Family Head. At first, the 8th son intended to kill them, to take revenge of his deceased brother, who was killed by the Hidden Grove team. But after Dowon managed to shock the Giant Cobra with her Flower Garden skill, the 8th son changed his intention and start talking about his real mission through the snake. Turns out, the 8th son was sent to deliver the Lo Po Bia Family Head's special message to Dowon personally. The 8th son then revealed to Dowon that Dohwa, her kingdom was completely surrounded by the forces of Zahard alliance and ready to be annihilated any time. The 8th son further added that his father was so enraged and saddened by the death of his son and that Zahard and all leaders of the allied forces are starting to become tired of war. In order to stop the war, Zahard then gave two option, "coexistence" or "extermination". The price for coexistence is for the rebel groups and nations to give spoils of war, and one of them is the flower Wave Controller Dowon. Upon hearing the news Dowon refused to be sealed but Dohwa, her own kingdom decided to seal Dowon in exchange for coexistence.[3] Dowon was really shocked and decided to go back to her kingdom. In a teary goodbye with Cha, she reciprocated his feelings for her, saying that he could ask her out after she got unsealed.

  • Dowon meet King pf Dohwa
  • Dowon greet King pf Dohwa

When Dowon returned to her hometown, the townspeople weren't happy upon seeing her. Khane her own sister, is the only person who was happy. The people avoided making eye contact or talking to her. Dowon thought that they probably felt guilty. She then decided not to resent her own people and vowed to erase their memories away with a Spell so they wouldn't torment themselves over the guilty feeling for the rest of their lives. At some point after that, she then visited the palace of Dohwa and met the King who immediately asked for her forgiveness for doing such a harsh decision to seal her. Several days after her return, Zahard's forces did keep their promise to retreat, and the townspeople started looking happier. Slowly but surely, life returned to Dohwa. Dowon who found it hard to bear the scenery, quarantine herself with Khane and hardly ever left the house. Then one day, when she travelled the town for a bit, a little kid came to talk to her and grabbed one of Dowon's finger. Dowon was initially happy and felt warmth, but it quickly becomes sadness when the kid said that she grabbed Dowon so that she won't left and escape. Seeing the kid was indoctrinated, Dowon didn't feel anger and calming the kid instead.[4]

Upon returning home, Dowon met the mysterious man whose appearance resembles that of Zahard. The man then introduced himself as a nameless adventurer and told Dowon that she can call him with an alias "The Boss". The two of them are having a conversation for awhile. When the man said he knew that Dowon was going to be sealed, he told her that it won't last forever and she would awaken in the future someday. Dowon was curious and asked the man whether the world would be peaceful when she woke up. The man replied that he was certain that the world would still be at war. The man then started telling Dowon the story about a boy, who would spark a war in the future and added that Dowon would encounter the boy when she awake.[4]

Powers and Abilities

As the co-leader of the Hidden Grove elite team which is known for its feat of killing many direct descendants of the 10 Great Families, Dowon must be an extremely powerful High Ranker, earning praise from teammates for her strength. Even one of the direct sons of the Lo Po Bia Family, who controlled the Ancient Odd-Eyed Giant Cobra, openly praised her, stating that with such power there was no doubt why she was able to slay his brother. Even after being sealed, there are hardly any records of her power. So the Zahard's Army had to send a tremendously powerful High Ranker like Kallavan to fight her just to ensure the success rate of their mission. Vice Corps Commander Elpathion said that Dowon is a force to be reckoned with. Elphation also expressing concern on Kallavan fighting her alone, noting it would certainly be very difficult especially with one hand tied behind his back.[1]

Levitation: She has the ability to levitate and it's not something she only does for combat purposes since she is seen levitating on a friendly ship and in the presence of her king.[3] This ability is most likely connected to her ability to control Shinsoo .

Flower Shinsoo Control Skill

  • Dowon Flower Shinsoo Control Skill
  • Dowon attack the Ancient Odd-Eyed Giant Cobra
  • Dowon attack White
  • Dowon attack White
  • Dowon appear to attack Baam
  • Baam neutralized Dowon's flower attack
  • Dowon killed Chairman Koer
  • Blocking Kallavan's explosion attack
  • Blocking Kallavan's attack as Karaka pulled Baam away

Dowon is a descendant of Dohwa's family who is experts in Flower Shinsoo control skill for generations.[3] Her flowers shinsoo are so vast and massive, that it often could cover a large area of the battlefield. The flowers are apparently really strong enough to block an attack of High Ranker like Kallavan, the former Corps Commander of the 4th Army Corp of Zahard's Army effortlessly.[5][6]


  • Cha: As they co-lead the Hidden Grove, both Cha and Dowon are very close to one another, though Dowon can get rather annoyed whenever he says he is the leader. Although showing it less, she does return Cha's romantic feelings for her, stating that he could ask her out if they meet again. When they finally met again, Dowon refused to allow Cha to participate in the battle at the Nest as their friends were held hostage and was annoyed that he didn't come to the Nest to see her, attacking him for it. She still, however, clearly loves him, as she outright looked at him with a pained expression when she stated she wants to love and live a normal life.
  • Khane: Dowon obviously loves her sister very much, as she took time to comfort her distress and anger over her being sealed away to bring peace. She believed it would be for the best if her sister were to lose her memories of their time together if she were to wake up, knowing that were her seal to be broken, it would be war.
  • Khun Hynd Luch: During the Battle of The Nest, Luch contacted Dowon in advance through her pocket to inform her that he intended to blow up the new 4th Army Corp Flagship. Luch wanted to give Dowon time to escape from the explosion range and move onto the safe location.

Notes and Trivia

  • She has a sobriquet "Forget Me Not", meaning she is a powerful High Ranker.
  • "Forget Me Not" was 'calqued' from the German Vergissmeinnicht.[7] This can be identified directly when Khane carried a bucket of Vergissmeinnicht flower to the stone monument of Dowon. This was emphasized more in the flashback story of Dowon when she showed her shinsoo powers.[2]


  • (To all members of Hidden Grove team) "The reason I keep fighting like this is because I don't want my people to fall into the hands of King Zahard. If they fall, I won't have any reason to go on fighting. I have to go home. Unfortunately, this is the end of my journey. Take care of the team, guys."[3]
  • (To Cha) "Cha. You have feelings for me, don't you? I was going to say yes if you asked me out someday.. Too bad things worked out like this. If anything.. It'll probably be harder on the people I leave behind."[3]
  • (To White) "Really? Wow.. So the world is still at war. But regardless of who I was in the past, I decide who to work with."[4]
  • (Answering Soo-oh) "That's right. I did fight. And what was the point? Have the descendants of those I saved made the tower a more just and beautiful place? No. They just keep fighting to save themselves. They even tried to kill my little sister Khane. You people think this whole tragedy will just go away if Zahard dies?"
  • (Answering Soo-oh) "Right. Zahard is the enemy of my father and out kingdom. To us, at least, he was a tragedy for this Tower. But not for everyone. Besides, if another war starts, that boy will be a tragedy for someone else too."
  • (To Soo-oh) "I only realized after leaving the battlefield and coming back to live among people. To warriors the world maybe one big battlefield for justice and victory. But to others, it's just an ordinary place where they go about their lives. We're the one who have to disappear for the sake of peace."


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