You're lucky to have even gotten your hands on a decent sword.. And you don't even have the talent to use it properly.[1]

White pitied Donghae was under Hatsu's possession.

Donghae[2] (동해, 東海, donghae) is a Sword and also an Ignition Weapon that currently belongs to Hatsu. It was first shown

Appearance and Design

Donghae is an ornately decorated weapon with a heavily stylised tsuba, a burnt red-coloured hilt and a mechanical-looking blade that glows in an ember-like colour; it is sheathed within a crimson ornately decorated sheathe. Hatsu notes that it is a sword that isn't used often because it is difficult to wield.[2] Donghae has yet to be ignited.[2]

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Notes and Trivia

  • The hangul for Donghae (동해) means "eastern sea".
  • White consider Donghae as a decent sword.[1]



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