Experiment Devil

The Devil

On the 28th Floor residential area, Horyang talks about his history to explain his connection with this Devil of the Right Arm. He was born in the middle area and sold off to the factory for experimentation. He and Cassano were the only two out of 99,999 children to survive. They grew to be like brothers, with Sophia Amae as their 'mother'. She gave them names and he described her as their first love. When they were twelve, they had a living Ignition Weapon inserted into them. After a long time, Horyang was then brought out when Headon appeared and brought him into the Tower. He quickly climbed, but once he reached the 20th Floor he stopped. However, once he heard rumors about Cassano, he decided to climb up.

He goes outside once he’s told his tale and fights Viole, trying to bring out the red Ignition Weapon that was inside him. Viole dodges all the attacks and told Horyang that it was given to him by FUG and he couldn’t control it and didn’t know what it could do. Horyang accepts this answer, saying that he knew Viole for a good person who wouldn’t purposefully tread on the lives of others. He then leaves them, telling them that he was going to find Cassano on his own.

Viole goes back and is torn between Horyang’s wishes and the team’s. When they have gone back to their rooms, Miseng voices her concerns to Viole, which prompts him to go after Horyang. Even though it was against Horyang’s explicit wishes, Viole could still empathize with him and could imagine the pain he was going through. He leaves on their second vehicle. As Akraptor debates what to do, Wangnan, Prince and Yihwa all resolve to follow him.

Horyang stabbed

Horyang stabbed from behind

Horyang arrives in the tent district and is directed by Xia Xia to the Hand of Arlen. At the same time, Koon, Ran and Novick also arrive and head out to ‘recruit’ Cassano. Ran and Novick are cut off from Koon due to Ran swinging at Novick because he was "annoying" and then goes off on his own. Ran suddenly meets Horyang and mistakes him for the Devil of the Right Arm. A fight ensues, but Horyang is reluctant to ignite, since doing it often put a strain on his body. Suddenly, an observer appears and leads him inside the Hand, where Cassano waits. He comes down and fights, but is blown into the wall by Ran. Enraged, Horyang ignites and fights them seriously, but is stabbed in the torso by Cassano, who was actually alive.

Meanwhile, Viole also arrived at the tent district and was directed to the Hand of Arlen like Horyang. However, Xia Xia offers to accompany him to protect him from the traps, which Viole accepts. When the noise from the fight between Horyang, Ran and Novick reach his ears, he runs towards the tower as fast as he can, arriving to see Ran and Novick standing over a comatose and bloody Horyang.

At the same time, Koon is trying to get his lighthouse online when he is suddenly shot by an assassin. He is saved by the armour he stole from his father’s hoard and quickly defeats the assassin, torturing him for information. Little is yielded and he works on tracking down the hacker. He is dumbfounded when he realizes it is Apple and he too runs towards the Hand of Arlen.

Go to hell

Xia Xia blowing up Arlene

Viole looks at the scene in front of him and assumes incorrectly that the two of them killed Horyang. He and Xia Xia attack them and they fall to his power. As Viole is about to kill them, Koon runs in. He is about to run to Novick and Ran, when Xia Xia informs them of a bomb installed in the Hand. Viole is about to stop her when a message from her lighthouse tells him that it was all masterminded by FUG. Xia Xia says that Viole is their new Slayer candidate and he was going to kill Koon to take down competition. Viole tries to play the part but fails and as he leaves, Ran and Novick grab the detonator. Unfortunately, they are stopped by Viole and he tells Xia Xia that if she ever played with his friends lives again, he would kill her. In response, Xia Xia blows up the whole Hand, protecting everyone except Koon.

Back in Koon's team’s house, it is revealed that Apple and Michael were traitors and that they had poisoned Gyetang as an excuse for Michael and Gyetang to stay behind. They are about to kill Dan when Rachel pleads for them to stop and asks if Dan would like to be her legs. Dan rejects her, so is stabbed in his legs, until he becomes unconscious.

The rest of Team Tangsooyook arrive at the Hand of Arlen and are stunned at the ruins that greets them.