Devil Bon is a Regular that was involved in the Workshop Battle that took place on the Archimedes. He was later revealed to be one of three gamblers hired by FUG to eliminate Koon Aguero Agnis and Team Tangsooyook.

Appearance and Personality

Devil Bon is a middle age-looking man with fair skin, dark slicked back hair, hazel-coloured eyes and a trimmed moustache. He is cross-eyed. He wore somewhat formal clothing with a black waistcoat, smart shirt and a red bowtie being part of his attire.

He seemed to be a very calm and collected individual who had no qualms using a Regular's body as a host for the parasitic Regular, Medina.

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Tower of God: Part 2 - The Return of the Prince

Tower of God: Part 2 - The Workshop Battle

Battle x Gamble

In the "Plug" game he was chosen as one of 10 gamblers due to his score in the One Shot, One Opportunity game.

The Truth

He, along with the 10 other gamblers, were assembled in a room while the party was taking place to discuss the results of the Plug game, as he had been one of the 8 who lost all their points betting on either Anak or Ran.


In the quarter-finals, Devil Bon chose Medina as his vanguard, with the parasitic Regular functioning through the body of another Regular. When the Regular encountered Boondawan, he is killed and falls into a river but Medina escaped and eventually returned to Devil Bon.

Beta then met Devil Bon and the latter explained that by swallowing Medina, it would give Beta the opportunity to participate in the tournament without breaking the rules. Beta did so without thinking twice, to Devil Bon's great surprise, and then he told the gambler that a parasite wouldn't be able to take control of him. At that, Beta told Devil Bon to locate Viole's friends and, in his tournament provided Lighthouse, Devil Bon led him to Rak and Yihwa's location. However, when Beta misunderstood Rak and Yihwa, the former chastised Devil Bon for giving him the wrong directions. Later on, Beta encountered the same two again after overwhelming Vespa and, after briefly fighting them, Devil Bon informed him that Viole had been released. Beta then flew off to the closest summoning room to attempt to stop Viole's plans. Devil Bon also informed Reflejo of Viole's plan. When Medina was killed by Yihwa, Devil Bon's team was eliminated from the tournament.



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