The Development Tournament (성장 토너먼트) was the second part of the Workshop Battle. This tournament was created due to a complication that occurred during the Plug event.


Development Tournament Area

In this tournament, an Underwater Arena is divided into two sides: The North Side, where FUG and Team Mad Dog are to fight, and the South Side, where the 8 remaining Gamblers are to fight. There will be two winners, one from the North Side and one from the South Side. They will face against each other in the finals.

North Side

In the North Side of the Underwater Arena, Team Mad Dog is to face off against Team FUG. There is a "key" in the centre of the island, which can open a hidden door which leads to a grand prize of the tournament. If Team FUG manages to take this key, they win. If, however, Team Mad Dog manages to defend the key, then Team FUG loses. Also, two "capture points" are present. If Team Mad Dog manages to capture both of these points, then Team FUG loses.

South Side

In the South Side of the arena, each of the eight Gamblers who have lost in the previous round are to "buy" a Vanguard with their points. Each Gambler is given 100,000 points to start with. Each player is assigned points based on his presumed strength. All Vanguards start in a "safe zone", and are given 30 minutes to exit the safe zone, after which they are disqualified. Vanguards are free to attack whomsoever they want, but in order for a team to pass, the enemy team's Vanguard must be eliminated. Once the Tournament starts, a Vanguard has two options: he/she may either hunt down the enemies or may head out to a summoning area, where he/she can buy items and summon teammates. 50,000 points are granted to each Gambler every 30 minutes. If the enemy Vanguard is defeated, the victorious Vanguard's team gains 500,000 points. Apart from the enemy Vanguard, if an enemy is defeated, 100,000 points are granted to the victorious Vanguard's team.



Group A

Group B

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