Des Lion (데스 라이언) was a Regular. He made it through most of the Second Floor tests and was assigned the Fisherman position before eventually failing due to being injured.

Tower of God: Part 1


He was put on Team B in the Hide-and-Seek test, and fully supported Androssi, until she betrayed him and started beating him up. He blamed Baam for his misfortune, and attacked him, but Androssi simply beat him up again. Hong Chunhwa tried to get him to distract Androssi, to which Lion replied he wouldn't cooperate, only run, and then tried to escape. Androssi caught him and might have killed him, but Baam stepped in the way and protected him. Lion then tried to take Baam hostage, only to be punched in the stomach by Androssi. Lion subsequently failed the Position Test due to injury.

Powers and Abilities

He used a short, thick black needle in combat and was fairly fast with it, although no match for Androssi.

Alternate Translations

  • (Korean pronunciation) Deh-seu Ra-ee-eon
  • Death Ryan


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