Deod (데오드) was a Regular that was assigned to the Fisherman position. He teamed up with Leo Cloaker and First Emperor after the "Deathmatch" Test but eventually failed and was eliminated.

Appearance and Personality

Deod was a humanoid being with reddish-tinted skin, a single red eye, no hair and a pair of brown feathered wings on his back. He wore a brown featureless robe, vaguely similar to Hatsu, and wielded a long sword that had a "C"-shaped guard and a red and brown blade.

Tower of God: Part 1

Lero-Ro's Test

He, along with his teammates Leo Cloaker and First Emperor managed to pass Lero-Ro's test.

Crown Game

In the Crown Game, his team came out in the second round and he and Leo fought against Hatsu, but were easily defeated by him.

Zahard's Princess

In the Fisherman's test on top of the extremely tall pillars, Deod was forcefully manipulated by Androssi before eventually being thrown off the pillar by her, thus eliminating him from the Position Test.

Powers and Abilities

He fought using a long sword but was relatively weak, being easily overpowered and then thrown away by Androssi Zahard.

Notes and Trivia

  • Androssi Zahard made fun of him when she sent him falling down a column during a Fisherman test, saying "Ah, so you can't fly with those wings".

Alternate Translation

  • Deh-o-d
  • Deode