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David Hockney (데이비드 호크니, Deibideu Hokeuni) is a C-Rank Regular who used to reside in Mushroom Farm area, one of many train station of the Hell Express. He is a Scout with remarkable abilities and special eyes which can see the future. He refers to himself as a painter. He is currently travelling with Twenty-Fifth Baam to find the missing piece from his painting.

Appearance and Personality

Hockney is said to be a boy with mysterious eyes with remarkable abilities. He has light grey skin and silver short hair. He has a blue robe with white fur trim on the edge of the hood with colourful sleeves. He carries a long pole with a lantern attached to the top. Inside the lantern on the bottom is a sculpture of a fish head.


Hockney's painting, "Red Light"

Originally, David Hockney was an underling of Hell Joe. Alongside Yuliu Mata, he was tasked with searching for fragments of Enryu's Thorn in exchange for a way out of the Floor of Death. However, he became changed after finding a fragment, with his soul bonded to a painting he drew at the site where the fragment was located. Afterwards, he refused to help Hell Joe. Enraged, Hell Joe violently took out his eyes and tried to use them to find the rest of the fragments, but to no avail. Meanwhile, Mata took Hockney to Grand De Jah and begged him to restore his eyes. The latter couldn't as his soul was no longer in the Spirit Room. Instead, he offered his own eyes to Hockney in exchange for carrying out a secret task outside of the Floor of Death. After being implanted with De Jah's eyes, Hockney lost consciousness and most of his memories. He later left the Floor of Death but continued to feel a sense of emptiness due to his incomplete soul, which was fragmented along with the painting binding it.

Tower of God: Part 2 - The Hell Train

The Hell Train: Wangnan

Hockney first appears when the Hell Train enters the 40th Floor. He had been living near the station there called the Mushroom Farm. Hockney was seen observing the approaching Hell Train and when it finally arrived, he left his residence and came to the train's stairs, immobilising two Regulars in the process as they were getting in his way. Sachi Faker was surprised that he was got on board and asked if he had found who he was looking for, with Hockney clarifying that he was actually looking for the final piece of his original painting which was said to be on the train. He is a native of the Floor of Death.[1] He entered the Tower to reclaim a painting of his own making, the "Red Light", which was stolen from him and which he regards as his own soul. It was subsequently divided into six pieces, five of which he managed to buy back through special auctions reserved for Regulars. He eventually bought the very last piece and expects to obtain it on the Hell Express. Unbeknown to him, it is in the possession of Ha Yura.[3]

He then helped the others pass the final stage tests on the train before getting ready to go to the 43rd Floor.

The Hell Train: The Floor of Death

Having finally reached the Floor of Death, he and the others got ready to jump out of the train into the Floor. With Ha Yura and Karaka surprising everyone with their arrival and subsequent exit into the Floor, they all jumped in after them. While passing through the dead Guardian's blood, Baam suddenly fell unconscious and drifted away on another current with Hockney going after him.

Finding themselves separated, Hockney was soon encountered by his old acquaintance Mata inside of a host. Telling Mata of his plans to go to South City to retrieve the last piece of his soul, they were soon confronted by the gatekeeper. Mata's host quickly defeated the gatekeeper with Hockney's help. Travelling to the final gatekeeper's area, Mata told him to stay quiet so he could try and get the two in without them having to give up their souls.

Tower of God: Part 3

Gakjadosaeng (Arc)

After the FUG forces crossed the second defensive wall of The Nest, they were forced to play Gakja Dosaeng game. All Baam's friends, including Hockney himself agreed to participate in the game so they were sent into The Cat Tower.

A Dark Twist

Inside the Cat Tower, Hockney ended up on the same location with Lo Po Bia Elaine and Rak Wraithraiser. The three of them visited Cat Tower Control Room and then played the Cat Tower Fishing Game.[4] During the game, Hockney used his special eyes and imitation skill to gain as much Points as possible in order to help FUG who were fighting on the Cat Map Floating Fields.

Powers and Abilities

Ha Yura speaks of him as the best Scout among the D-rank Regulars.[5] Sachi Faker also mentions that he has remarkable abilities.[3] While attempting to get on the Hell Train at the station, two Regulars try to stop him, but he easily renders them immobile using his lantern: a red light emits from the lantern and surrounds the two Regulars like giant handcuffs.[3]

  • Eyes of De Jah: when he first appeared, Hockney was said to have mysterious eyes with remarkable abilities. Using them, he is able to pre-emptively predict the movements of others.[6] Later, his eyes were revealed to be the eyes of Grand De Jah, the ex-ruler of North City in Floor of Death. Hockney's original eyes were stolen by Hell Joe.[2]



Hockney is a Scout, so he use also use Observer to help him gather information. He can use at least three Observers.[3] Indicating he is a very talented Scout.

Hockney's Lantern

Hockney has a special item that he always carry, which is a Lantern. This lantern can generate red pink shinsu to bind several enemies and preventing them from moving. Hockney first show this lantern skill against his old teammates in the Mushroom Farm station, Jourdan and Arcu. Hockney use this lantern again when Baam fell unconscious for unknown reasons while being caught by a big whirling stream. Afraid that Baam will get separated from the group, Hockney quickly binds Baam's foot with red shinsu from his Lantern.[7]

  • Imitation - Lure (이미테이션 루어, Imiteisyon Ruo): is an ability of Hockney's Lantern to create a projection of an object which can be used to lure/bait the enemy.[4]

Notes and Trivia



  • (To Jourdan and Arcu) "Step aside. I wasn't doing that just to protect you all. I simply didn't want my peaceful life to come to an end. If you insist of stopping me, I will have no choice but to get by you using force."[3]
  • (Talking about Baam to Mata) "It's not good to think of him as being dangerous just because he has a certain power, Mata. I don't think he seems like a bad person, at least. Don't be suspicious of people for no reason."[9]
  • (Talking about Garam Zahard to Mata) "That woman seems strong. She might be the strongest person that I have ever seen."[10]
  • (To Baam) "Living my life based on the past me, without knowing the future me. That's what matters most to me right now."[11]
  • (To Mata) "I realized something after leaving this place. As long as I have this hole in my heart, no life will ever feel happy to me. I'm definitely being punished. Punished for forgetting something important."[12]
  • (To Hell Joe) "When I found out that you had taken my eyes, I really wanted to just kill you. But seeing how you look now, that feeling is disappearing. Just wake up and live a better life while you still can."[13]
  • (To Boro and Sachi) "I'm sure there was. The ones who cause this wave are very distant beings, so there is probably meaning it in somewhere."[14]




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