Dahdi (다디) was a Regular assigned to the Light Bearer position. Dahdi played a very minor role before being eliminated from testing.

Appearance and Personality

Dahdi was fairly large, had a number of eyes surrounding his head and wore only brown trunks.

Being a member of the Da-an Tribe, Dahdi seemed docile and didn't talk much.

Tower of God: Part 1

Evankhell's Hell

Dahdi first appeared during the "Deathmatch" Test. Baam was going to attack Dahdi until Koon informed him that Da-an Tribe members were normally docile and therefore not a threat. Dahdi was last seen during the death match deciding to take a nap.

Crown Game

Having made a team with Red Bull and Green Phil, Dahdi participated in the Crown Game with his teammates but was seriosuly injured by Hwa Ryun and thus eliminated from the testing.

Powers and Abilities

Dahdi did not demonstrated any special powers or abilities.

Alternate Translations

  • (Korean pronunciation) Dah-dee
  • Dadi