"How dare you do that to Kon!!!"

Dédé Kancho (데데 칸초) was a Regular on the Second Floor. He made it through most of the Second Floor tests, teaming up with Shopin and Kon, but eventually failed.

Appearance and Personality

Dédé is a relatively short fair-skinned guy, who looks human but possesses some non-human traits such as the red horn that protrudes from the back of his head. He has spiky black hair, visibly pronounced eyebrows and black eyes.

He has a bit of a temper.

Tower of God: Part 1

Lero-Ro's Test

After completing the "Deathmatch" Test, another Regular accused him of being underhanded for chopping his arm off, but Dédé just called him weak. Before a fight could break out, Lero-Ro appeared and told them to calm down. He, and the rest of his team, soon passed Lero-Ro's test.

Yu Han Sung's Examination

He, Kon and Shopin passed Yu Han Sung's test by having faith in Shopin's "god" who directed them to open the 'correct' door.

Crown Game

Tog fight prep

His team came out for the crown in the first round of the Crown Game but all three of them were easily defeated by Anak Zahard.

Position Test

He was chosen for the Fisherman position.


He was put on Team A for the Hide-and-Seek test, but did not contribute much as he was quickly disabled by Quant when challenged.

Last Examination

He was seen partying with all of the other Regulars, both those that had passed and those that had failed, having a good time.

Powers and Abilities

Dédé fought with a red Needle and isn't particularly strong, as he was easily overpowered by Anak Zahard, even when it was 3 against 1.

Alternate Translations

  • ​Dehdeh Kahncho


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