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The Crazy Yellow Ball Game is a game that takes place on the first round of Train City Tournament between Baam's team against Team Yura. The game was played in the stadium located on the 4th floor level of the Train City with a ball throwing machine in the middle of the arena.

The game concept is similar to rugby sport that whoever in possession of the ball must run to the enemy goal's line, while dodging and keeping the ball away from the enemy hands who will try to stop and take them down. However, there's a special condition that made the Crazy Yellow Ball Game different from rugby sport, which is the "Crazy Mode" of the yellow ball.


The goal of the Crazy Yellow Ball Game is to maintain possession of the Crazy Yellow Ball and reach the opponent's goal line.

If one member of the team who has the ball runs and reach the goal post of the opponent team, that player's team wins the game. When the game starts, a whistle will be blown for the jump ball, this will decide about who will get to gain the first control of the ball. The team who holds the ball can advance to the goal post of the opposing team. However, the team can't advance more than two spaces in one turn. After advancing two spaces, the ball must be given to the opposing team and the game will be continued.

Crazy Mode

One thing to remember is that if a player holds the ball more than 10 seconds, the yellow ball gets mad and turns itself into the "Crazy Yellow Ball" and explode. Before the 10 seconds time interval, a player must pass the ball around quickly to the other teammate while advance towards the opposing goal post.

If a player got caught in the explosion, it can cause severe injuries and even death if the player is too close with the ball.

  1. A member of Team Yura, Pierre, vanished without trace out of thin air after he holds the ball tight on his belly, resulting to his death.[1]
  2. A member of Baam's team, Hana Yu received severe burn injuries on her both hands.[2]
  3. Ha Yura managed to block the explosion with her suitcase.[2]


Since the Train City Tournament have different games on every match, there are only 2 teams that participated in the Crazy Yellow Ball Game, Baam's team and Team Yura.

Baam's team

Baam's team consisted of Twenty-Fifth Baam, Rak Wraithraiser, Boro and Hanool Kang and Hana Yu.

Team Yura

Yura's SIMPS team consisted of Ha Yura, Hong Danhwa, Pierre, Rocitane Egel and Brugel.

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Notes and Trivia

  • Many international fans noted that the Crazy Yellow Ball concept is similar to the Quidditch ball from the Harry Potter series.



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