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Corps Commander (군단장,Gundanjang, equivalent = OF8/OF9) is a military rank within Zahard's Army.


A Corps Commander is one of the highest ranks in the Army, selected personally by the army administration, and possess total control over an entire army corps usually consisted of 4 divisions. They have the right to elect Vice Corp and Division Corps Commander in their Corps. If a Corps Commander has made a serious blunder, the administration has the right to punish them with demotion and elect another Corps Commander.

All of them are regarded as being exceptionally strong High Rankers, the strongest member of their Army Corp. Evankhell, an extraordinarily powerful High Ranker, acknowledges them as being on the top 100-300 High Rankers and capable of taking an entire Army Corp without their own Corps Commander. All the Corps Commanders shown thus far has displayed tremendous strength at the level of top 100, Kallavan being a match for Ha Jinsung, a known top 100 High Ranker, and the legendary Slayer White, Yasratcha being far stronger than Baylord Doom, a top 200 High Ranker, and easily matched and surpassed Baylord Yama, who is even much stronger than his older brother, and Lyborick being stronger than the entire Hidden Grove without their leaders, their leaders being also indicated to be of top 100 level.

Known Corps Commanders

So far, there are 3 people who has been revealed to holds such an important rank in the army:

Notes and Trivia

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