The scene starts out on the 29th Floor, in the testing arena that Koon's team is in. Though they were at a disadvantage due to their enemies unique abilities and Dan's reliance on Emile, they win due to Ran's combat abilities and Dan's speed.
Ran, dan, 29th floor test

Ran and Dan on the 29th Floor

Afterwards, Koon reprimands Dan for using such unreliable methods, then confiscates the phone. He asks Emile about Baam and his baffled when Emile replies that he is alive. He ponders who would have done this, but is interrupted when Apple contacts him and reports that she found the Devil of the Right Arm.

Viole vs Quatro

Viole curbstomps Quaetro.

Meanwhile on the 28th Floor, Team Tangsooyook are taking the test in an arena covered in jungle. Due to efficient teamwork, they manage to neutralize four of the team members at once. Unfortunately, the strongest ones Chang and Quatro are chasing after Wangnan who holds the key to their victory. Wangnan tries to unlock their box, but is caught by Chang. Luckily, Viole appears in the nick of time and easily defeats Quatro. As Quatro crawls out of the resultant crater, the rest of Team Tangsooyook arrive, causing Chang to forfeit the match. Chang claims that he could have defeated Viole in one-on-one combat and insults Viole, leaving Wangnan fuming. In the aftermath of the test, Akraptor advises Wangnan to rest for a bit, but Wangnan insists on going to the 30th Floor to participate in the Workshop Battle, not mentioning his ulterior motive of reaching Viole's friends. Suddenly, Goseng looks at a picture that turned up on her box. Horyang looks at it and is shocked to see Cassano, the Devil of the Right Arm.


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