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Compression Weapon is a term for a weapon that its size has been "compressed" from its normal size.


There are many big weapons in the Tower that are very hard to use and carry around. In order to bring those weapons into battle and combat, a person needs to make a contract first with a Guardian of the Floor. After the contract has been granted, the targeted weapon will "shrink" into small size. These compression will not be limited only for big weapons, but also up to medium and small weapons. Androssi Zahard has many compressed Needle in her pocket.

Compression Weapon can also be said as a variant of the Ignition Weapon. Compression weapons often resemble normal weapons, yet actually contain far more mass than their volume would normally allow for. Apparently these weapons can be "decompressed" to their full size.


The examples of Compression Weapon are :


Notes and Trivia

  • Leon 3 had a compression weapon of unknown name and rank.


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