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Compression Licensers[1] are denizens of the Tower who have been granted the ability to adjust their body size. This ability is gained via a contract with an Administrator, who has the rights to permit individuals of their choosing to adjust their body size. [2]

This ability has been primarily harnessed by characters whose normal bodies are significantly larger than the average denizens of the Tower, such as Rak Wraithraiser, to shrink their bodies down to sizes appropriate for easily navigating the Tower.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Being a Compression Licenser comes with several advantages, and seemingly few disadvantages.


  • Compression Licensers can adjust their body sizes, allowing them to travel around the Tower with more ease.
    • In the case of Compression Licensers with massive bodies, compression allows them to shrink their body size. As many of the Tower's facilities are geared toward smaller individuals, this allows them to more efficiently move around.
    • Compression Licensers can seemingly adjust their body size at will. This has been used to great effect during combat by characters such as Evankhell, who surprised one of her enemies by unexpectedly reverting to her normal size.


  • In the case of Compression Licensers with massive bodies, compression causes them to lose some of their strength. This strength is only regained when they revert to their normal size.[3]
  • It is possible that there may be some restrictions as to when and how a Compression Licenser can adjust their body size, as abilities granted by Administrators are often subject to certain limitations in order to prevent abuse and possession of excessive power. On numerous occasions Rak Wraithraiser has been shown to remain in his compressed state during combat, even in situations where he may have benefitted from fighting in his normal size.

Known and Possible Compression Licensers

  • Rak Wraithraiser: Sometime while climbing the Tower, Rak made a contract with a Guardian to gain a Compression License, allowing him to remain compressed when appropriate.[2]
  • Evankhell: A Rough War revealed that sometime in the past, Evankhell made a contract with a Guardian to gain a Compression License. When uncompressed, Evankhell is monstrously large, significantly towering over most characters.
  • "God" of Guardians: The "God" of Guardians is shown to be capable of adjusting his body size, shrinking down to "medium size" in order to teach Baam. [4] However, it is possible that this may be an innate ability of his, rather than the ability conferred by a Compression License.

Notes and Trivia

  • There is no known limit on how small a Compression Licenser can make themselves.