Chigrinsky[1] (치그란스키, Chigeulinseuki) was a D-rank Regular who made his debut at the Name Hunt station on the 39th Floor. He was one of Hesse's subordinates at the the Name Hunt station.

Appearance and Personality

Chigrinsky resembled an imp-like humanoid with red eyes and pointy red hair. Chigrinsky wore a yellow poncho with some red designs and a green skirt.

While largely unknown, Chigrinsky could be seen as a cunning and manipulative character. After Hesse's loss, his demeanour towards Koon Ran and Team Novick changed and he pretended to side with them, all with the intention of making them his servants.

Tower of God: Part 2 - The Hell Train

The 'Name Hunt' Station

While sitting somewhere inside the Name Hunt station, Chigrinsky ran up to Hesse and told him that a member of the Koon Family had just arrived at the station, eliciting his immediate interest in taking the Koon member's 'name'. Later on amidst the battle between Ran and Hesse, Chigrinsky appeared at the entrance to the station and explained Team Novick the unique features of the Name Hunt Station. Following Hesse's defeat, Chigrinsky briefly tagged along with Team Novick and escorted the team to one of the station's lodges.

After drugging them with a sedative, he planned to make them all his servants. Preparing to steal Xia Xia's name, he almost succeeds until he is brutally decapitated by Hatsu.

Powers and Abilities

Chigrinsky was a D-Rank Regular and a skilled Light Bearer, able to pinpoint enemies location quickly.[2] Within a short amount of time he was able to examine one of Koon Ran's weakness and develop measures for it.[1]

Notes and Trivia

  • It is unknown whether "Chigrinsky" was their real name or a name they had stolen or been given.
  • Chigrinsky may be based on the Ukrainian football player Dmytro Chygrynskiy.


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