Charlotte (샬롯, Syallos) is an Army Commander for Hell Joe. Her nickname is "The Temptress".


Charlotte was an underling of Grand De Sah. When Hell Joe overthrew the ruler of South City, Grand De Sah, Charlotte joined him in the rebellion. After this rebellion was successful, Hell Joe appointed Charlotte as one of the Army Commanders. Her title is "The Temptress".[1]

Appearance and Personality

Similar to her fellow Commanders, she wears a black robe along with a white mask and brown scarf.

She appears to be more levelheaded than her counterparts, and also seems to enjoy teasing Ssong.[1]

Tower of God: Part 2 - The Hell Train

The Floor of Death

Having been irritated by Hell Joe's reckless personality, Charlotte appeared behind Ssong and lightly provoked him. Irked by this, Ssong declared his great ambitions to seize the treasures of the Tower with Hell Joe. Noting he was still as ambitious as ever, a Leech appeared informing them of Karaka's arrival.

With Karaka's new offer being set, Hell Joe asked his Army Commanders on whether he should believe Karaka's words. The Commanders had differing opinions on whether to trust Karaka or not, with Charlotte saying they shouldn't as it seemed like a lie. Hell Joe then announced to everyone on the Floor of Death the false revelation that the final piece of the Thorn was in his castle and if they wanted it, they should challenge him and his Commanders.

Later, when Sanchez complained that he wanted to be stationed at the entrance, Charlotte told him that as a Spear Bearer he was meant to stay at a distance. Telling Sanchez not to let his guard down, she was startled by the appearance of large rose vines rising up to the castle. Seeing the development, she alarmed Sanchez that the intruders were coming.

Powers and Abilities

Her strength and abilities are currently unknown, but it's reasonable to believe she's fairly powerful as she was appointed as one of the "Army Commanders" under Hell Joe. She appears to be a Light Bearer and is capable of manipulating at least two Lighthouses.[2]


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