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Vice Altar Director!!! Isn't that an order from Lord Zahard?!

Charlie to the Vice Altar Director

Charlie (찰리, Challi) is a former Zahard's Altar newly appointed staff and Ranker who was appeared at one of the Altar location, Altar for Conveying Zahard's Orders.[2] He was fired from his job as the Altar staff because he, along with the 4th Army Corp failed to kill the Irregular Baam at the Last Station[3]


Charlie is the only one among his friends from Second Floor who became a Ranker.[1] He got assigned to the Altar dedicated to conveying Zahard's Orders because of his outstanding abilities, the details of which are still unknown.[2]

Tower of God: Part 2 - The Hell Train

The Advent

Charlie was given a tour by the Vice Altar Director of Zahard's Altar and in that same moment, an order from Zahard came through.

Three Orders

Charlie was used as a scapegoat by Stuah Arthur, to delay the Bidau Family learning about Zahard's Orders. He was one of many from the Altar who was sentenced to death for their supposed crime of not relaying the orders properly.

Tower of God: Part 2 - The Last Station

Together with Stuah Arthur and Vice Altar Director, Charlie was sent to the Last Station on a secret mission. They were accompanying Zahard's Army. In the meantime though, he was shown drinking together with his superior.


When Evankhell and Karaka's minions arrived at the Last Station on the 44th Floor, Charlie, together with vice Director and Stuah Arthur, noticed it right away. For a moment they were wondering if they should help Zahard's Army. After a while, they decided to intervene.


Charlie directly challenges Baam and after a short fight, he immobilizes him using his White Noise ability and goes in for the kill using his Orange Snake Needle. However, his attack fails and he later tries to defend the Great Whaley, which also fails. Charlie tries to formulate a plan of attack, but before he gets to try it Kallavan appears.

New Wave

After wondering what would happen to them now that they failed in killing Baam (Would they be executed), Stuah Arthur decides that they should help Kallavan in pursuing Baam.

Appearance and Personality

Charlie has golden hair that fades to blue and he always keeps his eyes closed. He has dark skin like Quant Blitz and wears a shirt with a wolf design.

He seems especially energetic since he thought he would be bored just working in the altar.[4] Charlie can be dedicated. He is gonna complete his orders, even when they are embarrassing, like killing mere Regulars.[1]

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Powers and Abilities

328 charlie yellow light.png

He has a unique Shinsu shape in the form of yellow kite Shinsu which can be found floating around his body.

  • Yellow Light Defense: It's Charlie's defensive ability able to block against several Baangs at the same time.[1]
  • White Light - Noise: This is Charlie's Shinsu skill. It confuses one's senses - vision, touch, hearing. It doesn't work well on Rankers, but it is effective on Regulars.[1]
  • Panorama Light: It is an offensive ability that creates several yellow kite-shaped Shinsu blasts.[5]


  • Orange Snake is a Transforming Needle. This red needle has two forms. In first it is in clear shape. In another form, the blade above handle turns into an orange plasma state. It can move quickly in a zig-zag pattern to attack the target.[1]



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