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Chang Blarode (창 블라로드, Chang Beullalodeu) is a C-Rank Regular and a Fisherman who was half human half canine people and was the part of the Top 5 E-Rank Regulars. He made his redebut alongside Quaetro Blitz and was last seen on 52nd Floor.

With the arrival of Baylord Paul and his three servants, one of them, killed Chang because he has completed his task of spying on the cage for Paul's clan. This was because they didn't want him slipping his tongue and telling someone about their plans.[2]

He is later revealed to be half-human and half-canine.[1]

Appearance and Personality

He is dressed in Khaki pants and a brown blazer with a red shirt and scarf underneath. He is relatively tall and has olive skin and black hair. One of his eyes is missing; it is implied that Khun was the one responsible for this loss.[3]

He is confident of his abilities, to the point of challenging Viole, despite Viole's infamous reputation as a Slayer candidate and ability to control five baangs. He is cunning, trying to provoke Team Tangsooyook into a battle which might swing things in his favour.

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Chang is a half Human and half Canines. He was raised by a canine people since he was a child. He has been helping the canine people from Baylord Paul's group who were kicked out from The Cage by Baylord Yama after the 1st Canine Civil War.[1]

Tower of God: Part 2 - The Return of the Prince


He appeared during the 28th Floor test, where he took the key from Wangnan's hand, who was about to unlock the box that would signal his team's victory. He then left it to Quaetro to fight both Wangnan and Viole, but when Viole won, he stepped down, explaining that he couldn't hope to win against the whole team. He then tried to provoke Viole into fighting him one on one, but Viole refused, recognising its futility. Once he realised that Viole wouldn't be goaded, he then left with Quaetro.

Tower of God: Part 2 - The Workshop Battle

He was seen again beside Quaetro, listening rules to get the ticket to board the Archimedes.

One Shot, One Opportunity

When he and Quaetro heard about the rules, they started to collect bullets easily using both of their skills. They went after Goseng, Akraptor and Yihwa, but were stopped by Khun. After reminding him about how he lost his eye, Khun offered to send both of them up of he let them go.


He and Quaetro have been seen in the same room as the Team Tangsooyook.

Battle x Gamble

He was assigned to the same block as Goseng and Horyang. He didn't fight them and gave the advice to avoid conflicts with Varagarv.


After not being seen during the Development Tournament, Chang was seen with the other Regulars in the waiting room as they were being evacuated to the Wolhaiksong suspendiship.


After the end of the Workshop Battle, he noted to Quaetro how amazing it was that Wangnan had recovered from a pierced heart so miraculously quickly. He then noticed that he was not alone in his thoughts.

Tower of God: Part 2 - The Hell Train


He was seen with Quaetro when Hwa Ryun was explaining about the Hell Express in the meeting.

Revolution Road

Chang appeared at the tournament and taunted an annoyed Rak who was complaining of boredom. He continued to taunt Rak until Khun arrived.


After the Train City incident, Team Tangsooyook took the 35th Floor test and he and Quaetro were headed to defend.

Later on, as Team Tangsooyook were being escorted by Ha Jinsung, he and Quaetro aided in their escape by challenging Jinsung. However, the two were soundly defeated with Chang being kicked through the roof.

Wooden Horse

Chang rushed to get to the Wooden Horse station as quickly as possible with the rest of Team Tangsooyook.

Much later, he along with Quaetro, Miseng, Prince and Akraptor found themselves trapped inside a cage on board the Hell Express.

The Dallar Show

He was seen sitting opposite Quaetro with the two playing some sort of card game.

Powers and Abilities

Not much is known about his powers, but his previous ranking among the top five E-rank Regulars implies formidable strength. He seems to be perceptive as he is one of a few Regulars who notices something special about Wangnan after his amazing recovery.[4]

He wields a needle and was noted by Jinsung to be "not bad for a regular".[5]

Yuri Zahard notes that he is hiding his true abilities. The reasons as for why is still unknown.[6]

Notes and Trivia

  • Despite being a strong Regular, Chang easily died with a single baang of a Ranker, SIU wanted to show how the power or technique gap between Rankers and Regulars actually brings anticlimactic deaths or results. He says this is the realistic version of what happens between Rankers and Regulars in a "fight".[2]



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