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Cha (차, Cha) is a war hero who sealed himself within the Wall of Peaceful Coexistence in order to be closer to Dowon. He is a Co-leader of the Hidden Grove team along with Dowon.[1]

Appearance and Personality

470 cha arrive the nest.png

Cha is a somewhat muscular man with tan skin, black standing straight hair and black eyes. His ears are slightly pointed and he has a tattoo/mark on his right cheek in the form of a black windmill. In his initial appearance, he wears a blank tank top and a green headband. He has three-pin accessories with facial expression on his tank top. One yellow pin with expressionless face located on the right side of his chest, one red pin with an angry face in front of his right stomach, and one black grey pin on the left stomach.

At The Nest, the pin accessories on his tank top were a little bit changed. The black pin was removed and the red pin was moved to the left stomach from its initial position on the right stomach. When he blocked the incoming attack, he was seen to wear white bandages which wrapped on his arms.


Following the war history of FUG against the Zahard Empire, at some point, like Dowon, Cha also seems to be one of the many outstanding Rankers from many countries who opposed Zahard to become king of the tower. He probably received special training under the masters at FUG as well. After all of these outstanding rankers completed their training, they were assigned in their respective special teams. Cha was assigned as the leader of Hidden Grove team, along with Dowon, Khun Hynd Luch, Taro York, Toro and three other unnamed members. During the war, the Hidden Grove team quickly gained notoriety as one of the best teams that emerged during the war after they successfully killed direct descendants of the 10 Great Families.[2]

Three Months before Dowon was sealed, the Hidden Grove team members (Dowon, Khun Luch and Taro York) were being chased by the Ancient Odd-Eyed Giant Cobra, one of the 23 special beasts of Lo Po Bia Family which was controlled by the 8th son of the Lo Po Bia Family Head. Dowon managed to slow down the giant cobra with her Flower Garden skill before Cha finally came to their aid along with Toro and one other member.

The 8th son then revealed his real intention before of all members of the Hidden Grove team that were present at the time, stating that he was sent to deliver a special message to Dowon that she had to surrender to be sealed at the Wall of Peaceful Coexistence. After hearing the message, the team decided to end the fight with the snake and returns to its warship. In the meeting room, all members of the Hidden Grove team are gathered to hear Dowon's opinion, all of them are present, except Cha. But it turns out Cha waited on the outside of the meeting room. In a teary goodbye with Dowon, Cha finally confessed his hidden feelings for Dowon, by asking if he could ask her out after she got unsealed.[3] After Dowon was sealed, Cha was deeply saddened. He left the team and went to go on a rampage, killing several allies of the Zahard Empire before requesting to be sealed himself.[1]

Tower of God: Part 3

Dowon (Arc)

After he was unsealed, Cha saw Toro died in front of him as the price for the seal key. Later, Cha interrupts the fight between the 5th Army Corp and the Canines with an energy blast directed straight to Lo Po Bia Yasratcha. Cha remembered the past event before he was sealed away that a mysterious man told him to sealed himself away in order to see Dowon again in the future. The man also told Cha he will meet a special boy from a noble bloodline that can change the Tower.

The Nest (Arc)

Cha accepts the apology of Kal Rahim and insists him to stop bowing before him as he understand the situation. He tried to persuade FUG Elder Khel Hellam who was hesitant and won't act to fight against Zahard's Army to participate in the war, but the Elder refuse to participate and said that his participation will be pointless because Zahard can see the future more than him and afraid they might lose because of his reckless strategy. Khel Hellam commented Slayer Candidate Jyu Viole Grace may have the power to turn the tides, but he is currently still too weak for war and said that Viole might have to abandon Ha Jinsung. After hearing what the Elder said, Cha respected his decision and said it's a pity that the Elder refuse to help. Cha stated that he has vowed to serve Baam and will follow him everywhere. One week before going to The Nest, Cha met with Viole and pledge his allegiance to him and reveals all information he knew about the ancient nations and Arlen Grace.

Powers and Abilities

Cha channelling a black Shinsu orb

As the co-leader of the extremely powerful Hidden Grove team that had even killed the some of the first children of the 10 Family Heads, Cha is an extremely powerful High Ranker. After he left the team out of sadness over Dowon being sealed, he was capable of killing countless of Zahard's Army's Rankers and forces by himself before ultimately being forced to run away.[1] Another testament to his power was how Zahard's Army sent the 5th Army Corp Corps Commander Lo Po Bia Yasratcha to fight and if possible subdue him. With just a single attack, he was able to push back Yasratcha, whereas the latter could easily defend himself from the likes of Evankhell and Yama. It should be noted that Yasratcha was caught off guard by Cha's attack.

Later, Cha's capabilities were shown when he defended Twenty-Fifth Baam to buy him the time he needed to save the Canine People from the exploding Cage. He was able to neutralize a powerful attack from Kallavan, the former Squadron of the Fourth Army Corp, and easily deflected the attacks of several powerful Rankers and High Rankers of Zahard's Army, composed of two Division Commanders Ari Bright Sharon and Nyono Wan, plus Platoon Commander Yolker, as well as another two unidentified rankers as well who fly alongside Nyono Wan.[4] During the Cat Tower game, simply his presence alone intimidated Aria, a Division Commander of the new 4th Army Corp said to be stronger than the old 4th Army Corp, and he instantly overwhelmed her, forcing her to retreat. He also proved to be able to easily defeat Yasratcha's soldiers and was considered by Kendrick Diel to be too much for him to defeat alone, proceeding to easily defeat him with just two moves upon no longer having to hold back.

  • Master Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Having Fisherman as his position, Cha proved to be an extremely skilled hand-to-hand combatant. He easily overwhelmed Aria in a battle of legs, astonishing her with his abilities, and later on managed to effortlessly and swiftly take out all of the Fifth Squadron's mechanized soldiers each with a single hit using precise and calculated moves that wasted no single motion, astonishing and impressing Kendrick Diel, Sola, Shibisu, and Hatsu with his martial arts skill, as well as casually knock out all the beasts brainwashed to attack him while greatly holding himself back as he didn't want to kill them.
  • Immense Speed and Agility: Cha has demonstrated tremendous physical speed and agility, capable of moving so fast as to overwhelm the speed-based Aria with ease. Cha also displayed he could casually move at such speeds as if to strike several enemies at once, taking down several of Fucile's mechanized soldiers, which could resist even Rankers, in a matter of moments, and later on instantly defeating every single one of Kendrick's beasts, and proved he could jump and cover massive distances effortlessly and swiftly, as displayed when he easily reached Hatsu and Shibisu to protect them and moments later protected Sola as well from Kendrick Diel's reeds.
  • Mental Resistance: Cha's willpower and strength of mind was shown to be extremely strong, able to effortlessly resist the hypnotizing powers of Kendrick Diel that could even affect the Ranker Sola.

Shinsu Control

Cha has displayed a considerable amount of skill in using Shinsu, manifesting in the form of black energy that he can control and generate great amounts of. He was able to unleash an extremely powerful beam that made Lo Po Bia Yasratcha had to defend and block the attack with his claws.

During the Battle of The Nest, Cha can use his Shinsu to block attacks from 3 High Rankers (Ari Bright Sharon, Nyono Wan and Yolker) at once to protect Twenty-Fifth Baam when Baam tried to teleport the needle transport. Cha can even block the Shinsu explosion of Essence of Bravery launched by the former Army Corp Commander Kallavan very easily.

When Cha fought Kendrick Diel who used his Beastification power, Cha can effortlessly smashed one of the green feather tentacle that was used to brainwash and hypnotize hundreds of species captured by Yasratcha. He also launched a projectile attack in the form of black Shinsu to knock out several prisoners.[5]

  • Primal Punch: Lethal Move - Taerim (태초권 살인기 태림, Taechogwon Sal-ingi Taelim): an immensely strong martial art punch technique used by Cha. This technique will send a giant projectile black red wave attack to destroy the enemy. Kendrick Diel who was fully transformed with Beastification power can be defeated in an instant.[5]


  • Dowon: Cha is very close to Dowon and holds romantic feelings for her.
  • Toro: As a fellow teammate of the Hidden Grove, Toro was extremely loyal to Cha. He sacrificed his life to unseal him. Cha cried for Toro once he was unsealed.
  • Twenty-Fifth Baam: Cha pledges his loyalty to Baam and is part of Baam's vanguard during the invasion of the Nest.


  • (To the 8th son of Lo Po Bia Family) "I'm the leader of this team!! If you've got something to say, shouldn't you say it when I'm here?"
  • (To Dowon) "The Hidden Grove team believes in blooming and wilting beautifully, like a flower. I won't cry or try to hold you back if you die or leave."[1]
  • (Confessed his feelings to Dowon) "Stop talking as if you're dying. You're only getting sealed away. We'll meet again.. I know it. It might take a while, but we'll see each other again. And when we do.. please.. let me as you out like a real man."[1]




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