2F - Epilogue Rachel (4): This chapter is the end of "Season 1".

The Regulars who've graduated and will now advance to the Third Floor are given so-called "Stolen Goods" in the form of rings by Yu Han Sung before they leave, as a graduation gift. Lero-Ro quits and heads to the Seventy-Seventh Floor to discover the "Truth". Yu Han Sung fires Quant as well, because Quant and Ro are apparently a "Set Menu". Quant is determined to follow Lero-Ro as well because he seems to hold him in high regard.

Later, Yu Han Sung is seen talking to someone through his pocket and is confident that the Zahard Family will believe "the boy is dead". Meanwhile, Hwa Ryun finds Baam and offers to guide him up the Tower, promising that all that he seeks and desires is prepared on the top...



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I finally finished it.. Or is it already.
First thanks to me for doing so well. Haha.
Of course thanks to everyone who has been reading so far.
Full afterwords will be posted with Season 2 trailer as chapter, so I won't write long here.

I am not sure about how long I will take break.
Had lots to worry while drawing, and felt difference between what readers want and I want to draw.

I had to find and come to a compromise and move forward.

So I will have to decide carefully.
Thank you.^^