2F - Epilogue Rachel (3): Rachel flashes back to her encounter with Headon, and the conspiracy against Baam is revealed: Hwa Ryun, Akryung and Yu Han Sung all set Baam up to be killed so that Rachel could become the heroine and escape the "night" that she fears. But Hwa Ryun seems to have other plans, yet to be revealed...



Blog Post

Writing after post for work I did 2 weeks ago feels strange...
Well I am glad this year passed well.

After reading prologue chapters(Headon's floor) many have asked why does this comic look So Shounen

..What about Shounen.
Is there something wrong about this comic being Shonen?

Baam being 'Shounen main character' in Headon's floor is intended to some degree.
Because Rachel is someone who cannot be so…
I wanted to put them in contraction by showing Rachel watching Baam in Epilogue.

Hm.. I am not sure whether I really succeeded or not.
Intentions only can't make a work, that is true.
Directing is very important. And I lack it very much..
I am still learning.

If Baam is 'Typical Main Character'
Rachel would be 'Anti Main Character'
Perhaps this comic will be Shounen yet not Shounen thanks to Rachel.
Rachel and Baam's relation is more complex then what is shown.
That will be told as story goes on.


2011.12.30. I handed over last of Season 1.

Am I dreaming?


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