2F - Last Examination (18): Baam must take on the vicious Bull to save Rachel! However, while he can freeze the beast, he cannot attack it... relying on a desperate gambit, he fires a beam of shinsoo right into the mouth of the beast, killing it.

But Rachel, whose legs were supposedly disabled, stands up and pushes him into the water, leaving Baam in absolute shock...



Blog Post

Rachel's miraculous standing up.

Many suspected Rachel would be more then she seems by her name alone(1).
That is really great foretelling.
After finishing this week's work, I wondered whether take rest for a week or not.
Then I decided to.
Not because I felt sick or was tired.
(Next chapter is almost done, by the way.)
I wanted many people as possible to see this chapter before posting next one.
Taking a risk at sounding like a arrogant person. ^^;
I would say I want readers to read my comic 'throughout and carefully.

Personally I didn't want to take a break before finishing Season 1.
So I didn't feel much good at resting. Pity.

Epilogue would take about 4 chapters.
It will be mostly about this test and Rachel's backstory.

See you 2 weeks later.
Thank you. ^^

Note: In Sherlock Holmes, there is a reference to the word "Rache" that means revenge in German.