2F- Last Examination (15): The invader of Koon's Lighthouse tells his friends about Yuri's fight, the others get excited and want to have fun too, until Evan tells them all off via their Pocket's communication function.

Evan and Kurudan confront Yu Han Sung, who has been expecting them - Evan tells Yu Han Sung they are here to reclaim the Black March and to get rid of the Zahard assassin Ren. Expecting Yu Han Sung to complain, Evan is surprised when he is given the go ahead and told that the test is being run according to the Guardian's instructions.

Yuri plans on eliminating Ren, however Evan contacts her with his Pocket's communication function and convinces her to leave it to Kurudan to avoid the political implications. With his powerful Dansul, Kurudan strikes Ren through the rock itself all the way from the surface.



Blog Post

Yu Hang Sung is a typical 'Chairman'
What I mean is..
Instead of fighting and conquering what he wants,
He fights by letting others fight between themselves, gaining in the process.

It is similar to Koon.
But if Koon is a person grown by 'His birth and background'
Yu Hang Sung is someone who grew to get past disadvantages of bad background.
Back story of Yu Hang Sung will be told very ~~ Long after. So please check it out very ~~ long after.

Yu Hang Sung is an important character in whole story of Tower of God.
Even though not appearing often, he is close to important main stuff.

Now it is time for our forgotten main character to return.
It will be quite impact for Baam, so please anticipate it.

P.s Strawberries are expensive.