2F - Last Examination (10): Laure, hard at work for once due to his blanket being kidnapped, is alerted by the approaching Dogs after blasting holes in the ground.

Meanwhile, Rak Wraithraiser and the other Spear Bearers prepare to launch their attack, though Koon cautions them to hold on for a little longer to get the timing right. However fretting that they might fail, Parakewl decides to attack, alerting their targets to their presence. As the Thieves and their worms quickly attack in incredible numbers, the duo, following Koon's Lighthouse, must run for their lives. After Rak jumps on top of a gigantic Marsh Worm, they find themselves surrounded by a large group of Thieves...

At the same time, Anak has the Green April taken from her by Ren as she lies bleeding on the ground.



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One line summary.
Goblins are bad, Parakewl is bad too.