2F - Last Examination (5): Yuri and her companions continue their journey to the Second Floor.

Meanwhile the Second Floor Regulars wait within the testing area for the test to begin, keeping an eye on the Whales, Thieves and Dogs. Leesoo and Khun discuss the act Khun had put on to get the others to help Baam; before Leesoo suddenly gets attacked by the Bull. Anak comes to the rescue, however she and Androssi begin to fight almost straight away, ignoring the Bull as it chews on Leesoo.



Blog Post

As I said last time, I'm not feeling well.
The doctor told me I have some stomach gastritis and ulcers.
That scared me.
So I have to go to the hospital regularly now.
Along with my wrist that was hurting getting treated.
To talk about captor, Leesoo is one of my personal favourites.
I like characters with wit.
It is nice to have characters like this as an author.
Anak & Androssi is a pair I am personally going for(...)
But they seem to not get along much. Haha.
The strongest pair [between Regulars]
is Androssi & Baam.
Cheating level body power with Shinsoo control makes it the best.
If one only cares about personal skills, Androssi & Anak is the best.
But as you can see this duo is...
Check how they fare next week!


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