2F - Last Examination (4): Baam and Rachel are resting upon a platform inside a bubble in the water surrounded by shoals of fish; while the rest are waiting for the test to begin so that they may execute their their roles. The Submerged Fish Hunt Test is explained; there are five major factors:

  • Fish (along with Baam and Rachel) who must make it to the Mangdol Whale Queen, Net Dolphin Madame
  • The Net Dolphin, who cast a net of Shinsoo to gather fish for their Queen; preyed on by Dogs and protected by the Barnacle Goblins]].
  • The Barnacle Goblins, who ride Giant Marsh Worms, protect the Mangdol Whales from the Dogs.
  • THe Striped Ground Pig, who will attempt to eat the Mangdol Whales, but must fight the Thieves to do so.
  • A creature only recently arrived in the ecosystem, the mysterious "Bull", a powerful and violent beast.

The goal of the team is to protect the Mangdol Whales to allow them to gather and the fish (along with Baam and Rachel) and transport them to their Queen, so that they can be eaten (Baam and Rachel are protected by a bubble of Shinsoo).



Blog Post

I was quite sick yesterday, throwing up what I ate and all.
Sleep made me feel better, but still I can't sit down for long.
With not being able to work, next week is truly a crisis.
The test looks hard, but actually it is simply protecting the Net Dolphins.