2F - Last Examination (2): This is the fifty-eighth chapter of Volume 1 of Tower of God. It shows Khun's plan failing, Baam revealing that he is an Irregular and he is given a test by the Guardian, and Khun manipulating the other Regulars to join Baam in his test.


Khun moves onto the stage, requesting that Rachel be able to take the next test, despite her injury. Yu Han Sung tells him its against the rules, but Khun simply says that he will take a test directly from the Guardian of the Floor. To his surprise, he cannot take the test since to do so, he must be an Irregular. Baam hears this and reveals to everyone that he will take the test because he is an Irregular.

After Baam's outburst, the remaining Regulars who passed are given a choice: to take their own test, or help Baam with his. Khun chooses not to help Baam since it will have him banished from the Khun Family and tells everyone he should have never aided him in the first place. Rak suddenly hits him, and then provokes the other Regulars into helping Baam.

Baam meets with the Guardian, who accepts Baam's proposal for a test. He then leaves to talk to the Director, who reveals that he knew Baam was an Irregular all along, and that the Crown Game, the note and the inadequate treatment for Rachel was all part of his plan. Yu Han Sung then asks why he does it for one girl, to which Baam replies that the top of the Tower is just a "pile of garbage" without Rachel.

The stage where Khun is now empty except for himself. He lies there alone, until Rak comes in, who tells him that his plan worked.



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Blog Post

This chapter was one of the hardest to work on.
Not only it is long, but it also had dialogue.
I seem to have worked intently unlike I usually do, since I managed to do it.

Many people are talking about the length of Tower of God.
I myself believe 50~70 cuts are about right for most Webtoons, putting content's uniqueness and such.
But since Tower of God was aiming for book's form then Webtoon's,
I am overdoing on Tower of God's length.
So please do not post length comparison with other Webtoons.
I was so sorry after hearing it from other authors.

Next chapter will be the beginning of the last test of this Floor.
Both scale and hardness will be incomparable to the test we had so far, which mostly went around Khun's plan.
It will be full of battle scenes and Baam's story.
And I am going to have some focus on good quality, so scenes will be cut under 90. No certification though...
30~40 chapter and it will be end of Volume 1. ^^




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