2F - Last Examination (1): This is the fifty-seventh chapter of Volume 1 of Tower of God. It shows Yu Han Sung and Lero-Ro disagreeing about the purpose of the Second Floor and Khun has come up with a plan to let Rachel pass the test.


Lero-Ro discusses with Yu Han Sung the purpose of the Second Floor. Yu Han Sung tells him that the Floor used to be a simple test, but after the appearance of Phantaminum and Urek Mazino, it was changed so that it would block those who would harm the Tower from climbing. Lero-Ro disagrees with this system, but Yu Han Sung tells him that if he doesn't like it, then he can quit.

Khun turns up again and tells Baam that he may have figured out a way to get Rachel into the next test, despite her injuries. Rak believes that he was really "pooping".

The test results are announced, most of Khun's "friends" made it through but Rachel is marked "Injury Out". Mauchi is angered because he didn't pass and starts complaining about it, so Yu Han Sung invites him down to the floor and tells him that if he can make it out without losing his mind, he'll pass. Before Mauchi can react, he is completely immobilised by shinsu and Parakewl is unwilling to help. Then Khun stands up and says he also has a problem with the results. Yu Han Sung tells him to come down.



Naver Endnote

I'm so sad that my favourite character Rachel failed

Blog Post

For some opinion on that the story feels unexplained a bit,
I decided to put Yu Hang Sung and Lero-Ro talk for that after some consideration.
So that is why the dialogue is a bit long.
There would be some who would have thought "Oh I know it from blog" though.
There was a scene of Lero Ro and Yuri's flash back,
but it got cut out since it looked out of place.
I'll put it up if many want it, though.
[Note, the pic where younger Yuri and dot-less Lero-Ro meets is probably this one.]

Yuri and Lero Ro.jpg
SIU statement.png

Translation: “Lero-Ro and Yuri were in the same class as Regulars..
During that time, Lero-Ro and Yuri became the only two Rankers. ^^;”[1]

Next chapter will be long, so I may have to cut it half way.
I want to do it in one go, because it is important chapter, though...




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