2F - Submerged Fish (5): Khun explains to Lero-Ro that he was originally happy when Ho received the note since it meant that Baam stood a better chance of passing, but then his plans went awry. However, he is convinced that the note was sent by someone who knew in advance about the creation of the Hide-and-Seek test, a Ranker...

Meanwhile, Yu Han Sung and Ren's fight begins, but before things get serious, Yu Han Sung tells Ren that he was merely joking and there is no reason to fight when their goals are the same. As Ren reacts with confusion, Yu Han Sung says that he will eliminate Anak and recover the Black March and Green April for him.

Lero-Ro tells Khun that there may still be a way for Rachel to take the next test, thinking of what Yu Han Sung told him before. Yu Han Sung himself is becoming agitated and predicts that soon a wave will arise, that will shake the Tower itself...



Blog Plot

A bit late this week, I was busy. ^^;;

Many have been wanting the fight of Yu Hang Sung against Ren.
Please wait a bit more, a Ranker versus Ranker battle is soon to come up.
I want to answer back to all mails/letters/messages I check,
That just takes too much time^^;
But I am very glad for all your support.
Thank you.

Now story's focus will be moving from all of the Regulars to Baam and those near him.
So it might take some time.
And scale will grow a bit too.
I am considering story explanation instead of a chapter.
But I am thinking that there will be fewer people who would want theory than those who want a chapter.


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