2F - Submerged Fish (4): Ren's secret transmission was discovered by Yu Han Sung, and now the two have a standoff. Ren prepares his attack first, summoning his giant eel.

Koon continues to persuade Lero-Ro to let Rachel into the next test. When asked why he believes the note wasn't sent by a Regular, Koon proceeds to relay what he had discovered.

One week before the test, he met Hwa Ryun, who helped him get the soda machine running. She told Koon that although Baam cut one of her eyes, she wouldn't get sidetracked over it and that Ho was the one who's really dangerous. He was skeptical at first, but prepared a plan to confirm and counter whatever Ho was plotting.

Koon first made a deal with Full Black, giving him a bit of Suspendium in exchange for information on what's going on with Ho. The day before the test, Full Black talked about Ho's strange actions, including bursting out of his room, asking who Michelle Light was, etc. Koon moved into action and entered Ho's room, finding the note that he received and made a duplicate. After reading what the memo said, he immediately told Rachel the truth. When Koon suggested telling Baam about this, she forcefully told him not to since she was the one climbing the Tower.

After the teams of the Hide-and-Seek game were announced, Koon struck a deal with Androssi. In exchange for keeping Rachel and Baam away from each other, he guaranteed Androssi's pass in the test.

After Koon tricked Quant into falling during Team A's test, he told Quant that he would have Laure send him up. When Quant asked why, Koon lied about making a deal: by making Team A lose, Rachel would be eliminated from the test.

Thus, all the pieces were in place... or so he thought.



Blog Post

This chapter was explaining what happened in the last test.
I was wondering whether I should put it or not,
For many people seem to skip walls of text, so it might not be worth it. So why not skip Koon's explanation?
But thinking in opposite, those few who will read carefully would notice some things are missing an explanation.
So I thought 'Well, either I do it, or I die trying!!'
And had to rewrite it 4 times...
When I think about it in another way,
Perhaps it is my lack of skill while making those scenes.
I had to self reflect once more, like after I drew the Hide and Seek test.

So much left to go.
Wonder if I can get a car.
Or a bicycle, at least.