2F - Submerged Fish (3): This is the fifty-fourth chapter of Volume 1 of Tower of God. It follows Baam as he tries to gather allies to help Rachel climb the Tower while Khun goes to gather information, with Yuga being revealed as an agent of RED.


Ship Leesoo and Serena Rinnen are shown having a conversation as Serena continuously drinks. She pours out her thoughts, telling Leesoo that she's nervous because she sees herself weak like Ho. She then brings up Baam, calling him the one who's strong and why Ho hated him since he never loses sight of what's important.

Meanwhile, Baam is attempting to gather allies who will help him climb the Tower with Rachel. Androssi notices his persistence, and questions his motives for working so hard for Rachel. He responds with a flashback of the cave that he was stuck in before. Baam tells Androssi that in that cave, he saw a light high up, so he built a tower toward it. When he reached there, he realized that he couldn't escape, due to a boulder in the way. At that moment, it crumbled, and the next thing that Baam saw was Rachel. In Baam's eyes, Rachel was the only person who came to find him.

Khun, according to his pledge with Baam, speaks with Lero-Ro to find out a way to get Rachel into the final test. He shows him a copy of the memo sent to Ho and claims the sender isn't a Regular.

"Yuga" moves to a deserted place so that he could secretly communicate with the Royal Enforcement Division (RED). He states that he would claim the Black March and the Green April in the final test and that he noticed a person who has the talent to be a part of RED. However, his movements were detected by Yu Han Sung, who reveals Yuga's true identity to be Ren.



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Eyes flashing.

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As you gaze into the heat-inducing fur of Yuga, Yu Hansung tells him to shave and cool off, It’s summer.
But Yuga rebels, saying that the sideburns must be kept.
But as Yuga is distracted, Yu Hansung quickly razes it with a buzzer and the moment he realizes that his sideburns were pitifully cut,
the teenage Yuga, going through sensitive times, says that he can’t go to school like this and runs away from home…

To make the run-away Yuga return home, Yu Hansung collects his sorry feelings and sends a text:
I’m so Sorry
But I Love you.
All Lies

I realize now
Ah Boring




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