2F - Submerged Fish (2): Khun and Rak argues about whether to force Baam into climbing the Tower. Koon reveals to Rak that he once had a half-sister called Maria, who is kind and caring. Khun has helped her half-sister to become one of Zahard's Princesses, but still he feels "a hole in his heart". One part of Khun's intention is to find out his missing part in his heart through Baam and Rachel's interaction. In Rak's eyes, however, Khun has lost his ambitions to become the leader.

Baam suddenly comes in, and tells Rak and Khun of Rachel's leg injuries and his decision in becoming Rachel's legs and aid her in climbing the Tower. Baam sincerely asks for both of his friends' help to climb the Tower along with him. A sudden epiphany dawned Khun, and Khun realises that what he lacked is the act to climb the Tower with his comrades. Khun then promises Baam to teach him of the dirty tricks.

In the last scene, the three comrades sit in the same room, with an imaginary background appearing as in an orchard garden. (This is most likely an allusion to the Three Kingdoms where three men swear each other brothers and to fight for the same ideals.) Finally, the three friends discuss strategy in passing the tests, with Khun promising to acquire inside information from the Rankers.



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