2F - Submerged Fish (1): The result of the Position Test is going to be declared at 6 'o clock. Androssi and Khun are discussing about their actions during the test, with Khun at some point saying that Androssi shouldn't have allowed Baam to meet Rachel. On a lighter note, Rak bumps into a small man in the hallway while the Regulars are testing. Rak says that he couldn't see him because he's so small and indignantly asks who bumped into him. However, Rak didn't realize he was talking to the Test Director, Yu Han Sung. The Director then turns him into a chibi gator and mockingly walks circles around him while "apologising" for bumping into his shoulders because he's so small. Khun also worries that Baam won't continue climbing the Tower now that he has found Rachel. Angered by this, Rak threatens to yank out Baam's 'banana'.



Blog Post

Not much to write except the return of the Gator.
The mood seems gloomy in recent chapters,
So next the few would be a bit brighter.
Hope it would be enough to change the mood.
Of course, me being me, I can't write a hopeful and bright story.
The Gator's mini form was shown early in Best Challenge, right after the Crown Game, but it was later on Webtoon.
This is easier to draw for me. Hahah.
Maybe he will get more scenes...

P.S. Not 1st anniversary yet!


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