2F - Hide and Seek (17): Androssi and Baam fight the Ranker during the Hide-and-Seek game. Baam uses his newly found skill to stop Quant Blitz's movements, at range, no less. Serena, talking to the dead Ho, contemplates about her life.

Eventually, Androssi and Baam are able to get the Ranker's badge thanks to Baam's freezing ability and Androssi's pure combat skill, but Quant snatches away Androssi's badge at the last moment. Or not? Poor guy was humiliated again. The test ends and Rachel and Ho are carried out on stretchers. 

Meanwhile Yuri and her friends advance slowly to the Second Floor. They set camp on the corpse of an unknown behemoth of a Shinheuh. They will be there soon.



Blog Post

I got nosebleed while working for this chapter. For real.
Not going to be this crazy never again. Haha.
Thankfully from next chapter on and on it will be shorter...

I had lots of troubles and yet ended up disliking it...
This time I am going for both emotion and battle!
Looks like I got KO.
Would have more trying, but this was a bad result.
I am really self-refracting.
But the quality I'm aiming at is still far away...
Well I gave it a go, so no regret.
But the result was bad so I wish it got better.
[RWF Note: Can't understand if he is saying regretting or not here...]

If Baam and Androssi went against Shinsoo-less Quant fighting really seriously, it is of course Quant who would win.
The victory was thanks to Androssi who tricked with the game rules.
Quant seems to make Rankers look bad... so maybe I would draw Ranker versus Ranker.
1st anniversary of Tower of God becoming a Webtoon.
Can't think of anything special to do though.