2F - Hide and Seek (16): This is the fiftieth chapter of Volume 1 of Tower of God. It follows the continuation of the Hide-and-Seek test, where Androssi is going to have a final showdown with Quant.


Androssi reveals to Serena that she had betrayed the team and attacked the other Fishermen. Serena gets angry and attacks Androssi, who reminds her that if they don't deal with Quant soon, Rachel and Ho will die from their injuries. She then comments to Baam that while she doesn't have a great relationship with him, she doesn't want him or Rachel to fail (although she still can't understand why Baam chases Rachel), and she knew that the Fishermen would get in the way sooner or later, so she crushed them (to restrict their movement for a while), as she didn't really know what else to do. Finally, she reminds everyone that while their goals are different, their objectives are the same, and that the only way they'll be able to ascend the Tower is to beat Quant. Quant is perfectly happy to engage, having never fought one of Zahard's Princesses before; he and Androssi then fight.

Meanwhile, Baam observes the dying Ho, and realizes that when someone loses what is precious to them, they lose the will to live. He tells him to wait just a moment and begins to gather shinsu.



Naver Endnote

50 chapters. Thank you.

Blog Post

After weeks and weeks of work, I can feel my health getting worse by being tired.
But I managed to get to the 50th chapter.

The reason Baam was climbing the Tower, changed from simply following Rachel, so I have put a more in dialogue than in battle scenes.
That was more important, so I feel it was done right.
Even though some readers would feel it is too slow. ^^;

Next chapter would be the end of this test.
And the test after this would be the last of this Season.
Something I am personally excited about drawing.
Hope all of you can come together until the end of Season 1.


Notes and Trivia

  • There is a discrepancy between this Wiki Page's name and the Korean Title, which is explained in Vol.1 Chapter 44's notes.



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