2F - Hide and Seek (15): Androssi is easily able to defeat Des Lion and Hong Chunhwa, despite the latter having an Ignition weapon. Hong tells Androssi that she does not deserve Zahard's powers, and that she is a demon. Androssi replies that that is what everyone says, then she smashes him and takes his weapon.

Meanwhile, Baam was able to save Rachel, only to have her tell him that he shouldn't be following her, before slipping into unconciousness as a result of the wound Ho previously inflicted on her. Baam asks Ho why he targeted Rachel, and he tells him it was to stop him from climbing the Tower, though now that his plan has failed it's all over for him. Baam is shocked, but Ho simply replies that they were never friends, because in the Tower there are only competitors. He then reveals that everyone he knew was killed by a Ranker before he came to the Inner Tower and finishes by declaring that he hates Baam. Afterwards, in spite of Baam's futile attempt to stop him, he commits suicide.

Quant looks on, and reflects upon the irony of the whole situation, noting that Baam is too strong, and "baby sharks, no matter how small, cannot swim among minnows". Then Androssi turns up, and he remembers that he hadn't yet taken care of the last Regular, her.



Blog Post

Since I am busy I am going to make this short.
Next chapter we will catch up with most of the foreshadowing shown in this game, like why Androssi would try to fail the other Fishermen.
But some hints are for later on.
Next chapter's battle would be the best part of this game.
So stay tuned. ^^


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