2F - Hide and Seek (14): This is the forty-eighth chapter of Volume 1 of Tower of God. It follows the continuation of the Hide-and-Seek test, where Quant tries to help Baam save Rachel from Ho.


The events in Team B's Hide-and-Seek test have caused the viewing screens to disconnect, worrying the onlooking Regulars. Khun, however, is asleep.

Meanwhile, Quant has located Ho and Rachel, sensing the location of Rachel's Lighthouse. While he accuses Ho of considering him a pushover, Ho wonders if and how Quant found out about his plans. Quant tells Ho that he has been caught and attacks him. However, Parakewl and Mauchi enter the scene and throw a spear at Quant, distracting him long enough for Ho to get into the Safety Zone. Parakewl and Mauchi have teamed up with Levin, and plan to use other Regulars as bait to eliminate the Ranker. Parakewl contacts Ho, and they agree on a plan. Ho threatens to kill Rachel if Quant goes to attack the Spear Bearers. Quant is extremely pissed at this.

In that moment Baam turns up, and asks Ho why he has Rachel pinned down. Ho replies that unless he attacks Quant, Rachel's life will be in danger. He claims he knows Baam's type, and believes that if he continues he will become a monster like the Ranker that killed his comrades. When Ho stabs Rachel, Baam attacks Quant but the Ranker immobilizes him with shinsu. Quant tells him to imitate the flow, and to use it to save Rachel while he takes care of the Spear Bearers. Quant does not actually believe Baam can master this so quickly, as it took him over a decade to learn the technique. However, upon defeating Parakewl and Mauchi, Quant turns to see that Baam has immobilized Ho and saved Rachel. Could he be a real "monster"?



Naver Endnote

Its been a long time.

Blog Post

So this chapter had Ho shouting how unfair the world can be.
It's been a long time since Baam was the real focus of the chapter.
And I was thinking 'I gotta make him do something big' too ^^;;
Some may feel happy at Baam showing off his potential,
some would feel turned down by it.
And I am drawn thinking 'Do feel turned down' to some degree.
Scenes like this will occur some more.
The former is for the fun side of the Shōnen genre.
Latter, more serious side, is to show Baam and Rachel's gap between potential and dreams.
It is up to you readers to take on what side.


Notes and Trivia

  • There is a discrepancy between this Wiki Page's name and the Korean Title, which is explained in Vol.1 Chapter 44's notes.



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